For questions or order support

Here are common questions that customers have. If you need further support, use the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Q: “Is it secure to use my credit card on your site?”

Yes. Your credit card is directly transmitted to my USA-based payment processor. At no time is your card number visible to me or stored on my server.


Q: “Is my personal information safe with you?”

I’ve processed over 25,000 direct customers orders since 2007 and never had a data leak or breach, which is a better track record than many Fortune 500 companies. My store is PCI Compliant and I follow industry practices to ensure¬†your data is safe. I also do not sell or share your personal information with any other company or entity.


Q: “I want to order one of your books but it is out of print. Can you make an exception and sell it to me?”

Unfortunately not. If a book is out of print, there will be no way to obtain it. To understand why I took some books out of print, click here.


Q: “The audiobook files skips or stops playing before it’s complete on iTunes.”

Apple does not make it easy for you to load external audio files onto your device. Here is a page that has advice on how to transfer the files to your device.

Many Apple devices have a limitation on how big audio tracks can be. You can try playing it in your browser app directly or download it to your device.¬†When it comes to files that skip or end abruptly in iTunes, select the track that’s skipping. Then go to File > Get Info. Go to the Options tab and make sure that Stop Time and Start Time are unchecked. Click here for more information on this problem.


Q: “I placed a credit card order. Where are the download links?”

After placing a credit card order, you will receive an email with the subject “Your Roosh V Store order is complete.” If it’s not in your inbox, check your spam folder. If you don’t see the email anywhere after five minutes, use the contact form at the bottom of this page so that I can manually send you the download links.


Q: “Do you accept cryptocurrency payments?”

Yes, you can pay with Bitcoin at checkout.


Q: “Do you sell the Kindle version of your ebooks?”

Yes. Each ebook order contains a MOBI file which is compatible with the Amazon Kindle. Simply transfer the MOBI file of any book to your device using a USB cable. You can also email the file to your Kindle address (see this help page for more information).


Q: “How do I open a ZIP file?”

A ZIP file is a compressed archive that contains many files. Here are links to help you unzip files on different devices:

If you don’t want to download or open the ZIP file, download the individual file links in your order email.


Q: “I ordered your books a long time ago but lost the download links. How do I download them?”

Use the form below and include the email address you ordered from. Also include the order number if you still have it.


Q: “I want to buy the paperback edition of one of your books directly from you. Which countries do you ship to?”

I ship worldwide from the United States. You can also find some of my books on Amazon, Alibris, and Blackwell’s.


Use the form below to contact me directly: