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How many sexual partners is too many?
What happens when you’ve lived away from your birth country for too long?
Why do moms give bad advice to their sons?
Why do Americans talk so much?
Should a one-night stand have romance?
Can a man ever be more interesting than a woman’s smartphone?
Are you your father’s son?
How much money is enough?
Which country is best for men?
Can a city decrease a man’s sex drive?
Why is it that using a smiley face is needy in one country but not in another?

These are the questions that come up in Why Can’t I Use A Smiley Face?, a short memoir about my¬†brief return to America after living in Europe for nearly two years. Stories range from trying to romance¬†girls in Washington DC to getting caught up in a web of lies.

Living abroad can bring great experiences, relationships, and happiness, but it may cost you friends, family, and even your own identity.

This package contains the Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face eBook in PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and EPUB formats.

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March 2013


PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI)

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