“What I’ve Learned About Life” Video + Podcast [2019 Speech]

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This speech was delivered in 23 Americans during the second half of 2019. I share 11 lessons that have revealed the truth to me up to turning 40 years of age. The stories I share concern masculinity, relationships, work, human nature, grief, family, and spirituality. The lessons I’ve learned from them have allowed me to embrace wisdom, contentment, and faith during these difficult days of clown world.

Run Time: 2 hours 27 minutes

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January 2020


MP4 (Video) and MP3 (Podcast)

Run Time

2 hours 27 minutes



69 reviews for “What I’ve Learned About Life” Video + Podcast [2019 Speech]

  1. John

    Inspiring. Touching. A story of a transformation and profound understanding.

  2. Fabio Sau (verified owner)

    Sharp, honest, and compelling as usual: thank You, Roosh!

    Greetings & Blessing from southern Sardinia, Italy ^_^

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    A very well planned and delivered speach centred around the story of Roosh and what he has learned from his life thus far. Very informative with humour and emotion. A must watch for those interested in the works of the Author.

  4. Sulaiman (verified owner)

    Superb. I am so happy I had a chance to listen to it. In fact, I have listened to it twice so far. You’re like a cross between a stand up comedian and an old school philosphopher.

    Need to listen to it another time incase I forget the messages.

    Thanks again

  5. Alex

    I love listening to roosh on a long roadtrip. He speaks calmly and purposfully and keeps the humor without making it a stand up comedy routine. Entertaining and also informing without being overbearing. And you will see a rare side of Roosh that youve probably never seen or heard which had me in tears. Thank you Roosh, I plan to listen to this again.

  6. Yash K (verified owner)

    I’ve been a Roosh follower for a long time. Although, I’m still in the fornication phase of my life, this speech gave me a new perspective on life and probably a glimpse of what lies ahead once you get sick and tired of fornicating. It was also nice to hear stories from Roosh about his ex girlfriend who he met in a small Polish town where I resided for 3 months last year trying to follow in Roosh’s footsteps. I highly recommend this speech especially considering the low price. Looking forward to more content from the New Roosh

  7. Rothbard

    very interesting story. definitely something in there to learn for everyone. its great, that you, roosh, share your experiences and what you have learned. this knowledge and experience can save a lot of (young) people a lot of trouble.
    all the best for you and your audience.

  8. Joshua (verified owner)

    Funny, insightful take on the pick up scheme. Moving part on his sister. Although I wish he had brought his heart to his Father confessor before this, since he has no walls up; I pray he doesn’t get attacked. The part about the shrooms was too long. But these more recent events are less processed so understandably less concise. Roosh can offer excellent concision and tools for finding things in real life. Here the focus is more on how he went so far in the wrong kind of pursuit.

  9. Norm Compton (verified owner)

    When I first encountered Roosh a few years back he’d occasionally say things that were very deep and soulful and this kept me listening. I admire his courage to share his human journey honestly and he has become a role model to me. I hope he continues sharing his experiences because he has a gift to connect and teach and this video is evidence of that.

  10. Simon (verified owner)

    A marvellous and moving talk by Roosh. His honesty and wit shine through as always.

  11. Luis (verified owner)

    Full of wisdom, very entertaining and has left me a lasting impression. In this couple of hours you get the perspective of a man in several phases of adulthood culminating with everymans purspose on the creation, theosis. God bless!

  12. Viktor (verified owner)

    More of a story about his change then of his past life. I liked it and would recommend it.

  13. Jay (verified owner)

    I’ve been following Roosh since 2012 and bought almost all of his books. I was waiting for this speech to officially come out so I could get it. In a few years older than Roosh but his insight and worldly experience always teach me something,and often at a time when I need it most. This speech was at the next level in terms of depth and experience. I think it speaks to the heart of every man and the direction that leads to the greatest fulfilment in life

  14. John Adams (verified owner)

    Always good to listen to Roosh. Great stories that resonate with modern times and modern life. His journey inspires my own, good luck and God’s grace to him and all other Kings walking this path!

  15. David (verified owner)

    Relatively short but engaging content. Roosh’s transformation is really captivating to follow and this speech does not disappoint. A lot of lessons learned the hard way for us to use for a minimal fee.

  16. Lazar (verified owner)

    Roosh has been going through something everyone needs to go through, a point in life when you have to stop concerning yourself with trivial things; a point of true maturation when everything coalesces into the transcendent. I wasn’t sure about this path when I started my own journey, but seeing more & more people like Roosh taking it helped me understand. People like Roosh have a lot of life experience, a lot of wisdom to impart on others, and more significantly, on the next generation. When you reach his level; you’re practically a sage, so people better pay attention when he speaks

  17. Gabriela (verified owner)

    It is the account of a life saved from failure and restored to reach its full potential in the light of God. The subtle humour makes it refreshing and the sincerity permeating it enables empathy.

  18. Alexander (verified owner)

    Excellent speech, glad to see Roosh finding God

  19. Brian

    Great speech. The Vlog on Roosh’s channel was also worth the price of the seminar but Roosh gave it away for free. I’ve watched it twice now, and have lived or worked in most of those cities. His analysis is spot on, especially with Austin, Columbus and SoCal. …I can relate having lived in all of them.
    Will definitely be there in person on Roosh’s next tour.

  20. King Lyr (verified owner)

    When psychedelics are wrested from the hands of dirty hippies, they inexorably lead those with an honest spirit back to God.
    Աստված օրհնի!

  21. Max (verified owner)

    It’s always interesting to me to hear an account from a rational, clear-headed person who has a non-rational spiritual/religious experience, especially one that changes his life.

    Roosh was not predisposed to be a religious person–in fact, everything pointed in the opposite direction. So what could make a such a man–a former scientist and committed hedonist–abandon a lifestyle of care-free world travel and endless fornication with beautiful women to renounce it all, throw away all of his passive-income-producing books as a matter of principle, and become an orthodox Christian?

    The answers to that question are laid out in perfect clarity and, I think, in perfect sincerity in this presentation. I was left to ponder many aspects of this talk in the coming weeks after watching it, and I will continue to do so. I will also say that the speech is at times very moving.

    This talk is not an attempt to convert listeners to any faith or ideology–it is one man’s account of how he arrived at what he sees as the ultimate truth in the world, which is something for which all serious men are also searching for in this epoch of degeneracy, decline and insanity.

    His findings and experiences are presented entirely without self-righteousness nor with a false sense of knowing it all. It is in fact an extremely humbling account of the past handful of years of his life.

    Strongly recommended without hesitation.

  22. St Johnson (verified owner)

    Inspiring and entertaining stuff

  23. George (verified owner)

    5/5 worth it.

  24. Brandon (verified owner)

    This speech was entertaining, insightful, and inspirational. When you read a book, or listen to a speech, you don’t remember every word, you take away nuggets. I got a gigantic golden nugget from this speech. Some other smaller nuggets too. Other lessons it’s just nice to relearn.

    When you reread a book, you get more out out it, and some things seem different. I anticipate that when the time feels right, I’ll listen to this again and get more nuggets. Lessons I’d forgotten or missed my first go-around.

    If you look at speeches and books this way, (the culmination of a man’s lifetime of lessons chiseled down into an easily digestible nugget that you can retain and benefit from for the rest of your life) the value is incredible. You get nuggets, and you get to support someone who speaks truth.

    And, nuggets aside, it’s just a plain and simple entertaining 2.5 hours. An interesting story told.

  25. Maureen (verified owner)

    Candid and sincere.

  26. Narayan (verified owner)

    Roosh is one of the most inspiring, funny and thought provoking figures in the manosphere. I accidentally came across Roosh’s YouTube channel in 2016 and have never stopped following his highly informative and entertaining take on the state of affairs on the gender roles in modern American society. This speech is a summary of his personal journey and transformation from his old Casanova days to the redpilled religious man with morals and principles he has become today.

  27. Matt

    Insightful as always. My only regret is I was unable to see Roosh speak in person. Thank you for putting it online. I look forward to more Roosh Hours soon.

  28. Matthew (verified owner)

    Great video/speech! Well worth the few bucks.

  29. Chris (verified owner)

    An enthralling and entertaining story of one man’s journey from darkness into light. It made me laugh, it made me cry and it helped to guide me in my own search for meaning in life.

  30. Luis Marrero Abascal (verified owner)

    Continue writing and making videos about the society we live in, You are on mark and I hope everything continues to be a success,,,

  31. Luke (verified owner)

    I’ve been reaching Roosh for about six years. It’s amazing to see how much he has grown recently, how much wisdom he’s acquired and has then PUT TO ACTION. It’s amazing how gracious he is in his story telling, and still so funny. Certain moments had me choked up and the surprise ending had me on my feet (metaphorically) cheering. A must-watch and, at under three hours, much too short for my liking. I mean that in the best way.

  32. J R (verified owner)

    The absolute mad lad has done it again in James Bond fashion with this riveting speech on the life of a once destitute – now holy man.

  33. Thomas (verified owner)

    It’s a terrific speech. I would recommend.

  34. Andrew (verified owner)

    A really powerful speech on Roosh’s discovery of the emptiness of the modern world and the meaning of God and the infinite. Please note: if you are not God-pilled and are still living in the degenerate world of sin, this video will cause you significant moral and spiritual struggle.

  35. Matt (verified owner)

    A great summary of what Roosh has experienced and learned over the past decade or so. Great to understand his journey and inspiring to hear how he faced and overcame challenge after challenge.

  36. Jarad Petroske (verified owner)

    Great talk; you will learn a lot about Roosh and yourself. I’ve been following Roosh since he was featured in an article titled something like “The Worst Man on the Internet.” Lol @ that headline. I have learned so much since I found Roosh, went full red pill, dropped fat, gained muscle, and started taking control of my life. It’s been a fascinating journey and this is a great way to recap the adventure with an intimate talk delivered by the man himself.

  37. Nick (verified owner)

    Roosh is beginning to establish himself as a lion of the faith!

    Although he has always been entertaining to follow, and thought provoking. Roosh has recently taken some very very serious steps which give a gigantic and strong testimony to the faith which I am sure he now has in Jesus Christ:

    -Announcing, amoung other things, that fornication shall henceforth and forever no longer be discussed on the popular and powerful forums he hosts.
    -Delisting and forsaking his recent book “Game” which he claims (and I believe) was his primary current source of income.
    -Publicly proclaiming in writing, and in this speach, his faith in Christ.

    However, even from an atheist perspective, this talk is classically provactive in all of the same ways as any great story told throughout history, whether fiction or nonfiction.

    I personally am eminently thankful to Roosh for sharing his message. And I would encourage anyone and everyone to both listen to this speech and support this man on the path that God is leading him.

  38. CP (verified owner)

    I was so glad to listen to this speech after watching all the vlogs, really completed the journey for me.
    Amazon storytelling and profound wisdom shared. Keep growing and God bless you Roosh.

  39. Joe (verified owner)

    Definitely takes you for a ride. I love Roosh’s delivery style. I can’t wait for more content and video in the coming months!

  40. JC (verified owner)

    Roosh is a very entertaining speaker but this isn’t a speech I would describe as entertaining. It was however very engaging and probably the most important speech he had ever done. It can’t be easy for someone to abandon what has not only been their lifestyle but also their occupation for the better part of their adult life. Even if you aren’t convinced by what he has come to believe; such a radical change alone should give anyone pause for thought. This speech will give you a lot to think about.

    I am happy that Roosh has come to the Truth and I’m confident he’ll continue to be an important voice for men.

    Godspeed Brother!

  41. John (verified owner)

    Entertaining, moving, and inspiring. I greatly enjoyed this speech and have recommended it to others. A real Saul becomes Paul type of story. I can’t wait to see where God leads Roosh in the future!

  42. Tyler (verified owner)

    Very interesting to see how Roosh has evolved over the years. I started following him mostly around 2015 during the ROK era and became very intrigued over his transformation from PUA to a Chistian. This video goes over the whole transformation. I especially liked the part near the end where him and his buddy go on a ‘trip’. I won’t say anymore.

  43. Chris (verified owner)

    For those of you who once followed the ways of the Pick-Up Artist and are wondering what life can be like outside of the endless nihilism, look no further. Roosh was a prominent figure in this lifestyle and has found peace with God and pursues Him in all he does. But what was really going on during his PUA days? In this video, Roosh gives details of what he felt at the peak of his debauchery. What might have seemed like a man who had it all together, is really just a man who was hurting and damaged from poor decision-making and short-lived ecstacy. Roosh’s story is a fantastic look into the mind and heart of young and aimless men. A great story for anyone who has concerns about their future or anyone who often contemplates their past.

  44. Kareem (verified owner)

    Roosh is a fantastic storyteller with a unique story to tell. I’ve been lightly following him on and off for the past 7 years or so. Don’t agree with some of his ideas but very interesting nonetheless.

  45. Mat (verified owner)

    Excellent speech which kept my attention the whole way through, insightful and humorous, and well worth a watch. Hoping for some more new content soon.

  46. Édouard (verified owner)

    Very meaningful and interesting speech where we learn the path of a player who reach after a couple of decade the path of God. Thanks alot for this speech!!!

  47. Harald (verified owner)

    Insightful, honest, inspiring, funny and easy to relate to. While conveying an important message, Roosh shows you the dangers of pursuing a nihilistic life style and the inevitable consequences it will lead to. However he does not stop there he also show the way out. A must see message for every man.

  48. Peter (verified owner)

    Great talk by Roosh

  49. Charles Johnson (verified owner)

    Clear, direct, honest talk from a person who’s gone from Don Juan to Don Quixote. He’s on a quest to change at least himself, and others might benefit from hearing about his experience along the way.

  50. Freddy (verified owner)

    Sad and Happy to see Roosh has closed the PUA chapter in his life. Great to have been along for the journey and fascinating to watch this video where Roosh takes your from start to end (no holds bared) Cheers Roosh!

  51. Steven (verified owner)

    great stories, so are the youtube vlogs from his trip, i enjoyed every minute! too bad he’s travelled out for the moment.. but who knows, he might still be turned a real missionary and do another one 🙂

  52. Gregg Stageman (verified owner)

    An inspiring talk from the man himself. I learned a lot about Roosh from listening to this talk that he’s never mentioned in his books or YouTube posts before. Well worth the money.

  53. Nick (verified owner)

    Had to miss the live talk, so I’m happy this is available.

    I enjoyed the talk; it was pretty relaxing and funny at times. At just $5.99, you should pick this up if you like Roosh. There’s a fair bit of history in the talk since Roosh has been on quite a journey.
    I also sent the talk to a family member and she liked it as well. Cheers

  54. Michelle (verified owner)

    Purposeful, funny, moving talk about Roosh’s life. My husband has returned to his Russian orthodox roots and I have followed him. Our three children and I will be Baptised next Pashka…thanks for touching our lives with your message Roosh. You have given us a new perspective – no longer do we want to chase the little jew $ squares and we seek to live a meaningful life. Bless you Roosh!

  55. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    This was a very beautiful and honest talk that was filled with lots of interesting and funny stories and experiences. The part about his sister was very moving and will make you cry. It will make you see a part of this man who is so caring and loves his sister deeply. I am so happy for him and his transformation, he will help many people in the future.

  56. Kay (verified owner)

    This was an entertaining, insightful speech from a modern man on the margins of Western Whiteness, having his roots in Armenia and Iran, but also the new confused American traveling the globe for poon paradise. It shows the future in which everyone is just a rootless tourist looking for quick thrills in a global society. Meanwhile, back home, the traditional American society is in decline, most likely because of technologies like planes, internet, birth control, and cell phones. Gizmos make life more interesting at times, but then there is nagging sense of something going wrong as you are being swallowed up in a abyss of meaninglessness.

    But, on the other hand, life was hard in oppressive, traditional society and life- long marriage generally benefits society and children, although the individual man may suffer loss of autonomy, wealth, and freedom. Roosh has turned to Easter Orthodox church for his mid life crisis, although one can also be disillusioned with religion and disappointed with God. He seems so low key and soft spoken; it’s a wonder he ever got laid. He said he enjoyed about one year of his hedonism, but then grew tired of seducing girls just to run up the score and to have some writing material. Most men have to get to the point of disillusionment to change their ways, otherwise they feel like they are missing out. It was interesting that his sister had to die in order to turn him around from his rather callous, funny, but truthful views about women.

  57. spice bear (verified owner)

    Good insight if attempting to decipher the male mind in a time of absolute feminized chaos

  58. ArchieB (verified owner)

    All the little kids growing up in the skids know that Roosh V rocks, Roosh V rocks!

  59. HappyMoose (verified owner)

    I have been following roosh for over 3 years now. I have seen his transition from PUA to cynical-jaded man to believing in God. Initially I was looking for advice on how to understand my wife’s deeper motives, then I witness roosh’s transition towards religion, it was beautiful. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  60. Tae Kim (verified owner)

    very honest, thoughtful and deep speech/talk. In the environment we live in with fake, artificial makeshift job, society, and world we live in,…. these are the talks that men strive for in a lounge and bar and connect ourselves in human levels regardless our social/racial background. All in all, impressed with your sincerity, honesty and life wisdom. Keep more videos coming.

  61. Ignacio Laguna (verified owner)

    Dear Roosh,

    I am a Catholic priest in Spain and, several years ago, I had a similar experience to yours. Praise be to God!

    I will always support your work and pray for you, since you are clearly a man of God. He has chosen you for greater (more discrete) things, and I hope one day we are all enjoying Heaven, with the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary, saint Joseh and all the saints.

    Keep on praying, learning, growing and loving in Chirst. May the Holy Spirit be with you.


  62. Vinny (verified owner)

    Great speech over the beauty of living for God, by a man who has left a life of sin!

  63. White Christian (verified owner)

    Just an amazing speech! Leave people to suffer in hopes that they will cry out to God

  64. Swedish OrthoBro (verified owner)

    A fantastic speech, very honest, insightful and at times heartbreaking. God bless you, Roosh.

  65. Kim (verified owner)

    God bless Roosh for encouraging my teenage son to seek God again!

  66. Zachary H (verified owner)

    Wonderful speech that every man should have the pleasure of hearing. Finding Roosh and being fortunate enough to hear him tell his meaningful story makes me thankful for existing at the same time as him. This speech is my favorite.

  67. Raleigh Wood (verified owner)

    I was turned on to Roosh by Vox Day. It’s fascinating to see the complete 180 degree turn around in someone’s life. His story is captivating. Listening to Roosh encourages self examination which we all need.

  68. Kilian (verified owner)

    I knew Roosh for quite a while or better to say what the media tried to portray as him. Since his conversion he became sort of a hero for me. This speech is the best proof for it!
    Do not expect a sensational or spectacular story, but a speech full of real wisdom from somebody he had (and still has) an extraordinary life. Its worth every cent!
    Thank you Roosh and my God Bless you! Greetings from Austria

  69. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Powerful. Highly recommended. A fascinating story.

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