The Best Of Roosh – Volume 2: Understanding Women (eBook)

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The Best Of Roosh: Volume 2 is a remastered compilation of Roosh’s top 78 blog articles published between February 2013 and October 2018, from a total of 631 that were written. They include topics on women, dating, game, sex, masculinity, life, culture, and power. Here is a sample of titles included in the compilation:

Here is a sample of 7 titles included in the compilation:

  • The True Nature Of Women
  • Women Who Don’t Have Babies Go Crazy
  • Some Women Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On
  • Dating Doesn’t Work
  • 2 Signs A Girl Will Cheat On You
  • How The Game Changes When You Get Older
  • The Death Of Male Authenticity

The articles contained in this compilation help men understand women and their environment through a masculine frame of reference that resists the Western agenda of male emasculation.

This package contains the Best Of Roosh Volume 2 eBook in PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and EPUB formats.

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12 reviews for The Best Of Roosh – Volume 2: Understanding Women (eBook)

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Great read. Lots of good stuff.

  2. Ole (verified owner)

    Awesome! A great compilation, structured in a way that makes it easy to read.

  3. Art (verified owner)

    Like always, great stuff ! Missed some of those articles so its good to have them in the form of compilation.

  4. Charles (verified owner)

    I like the compiled-article format. Each chapter feels like a concise life-lesson.

  5. Steve

    Very well selected and thought out selections of wisdom and observations from the last few years of a great writer who has been on the front lines of many media and cultural battles. If you enjoyed any of the author’s previous content it should be a no brainer to purchase hid latest book. You don’t have to agree 100% with his views to derive some value here, as an array of topics are covered.

    If you are new to his works this is a great introduction, as it lays down an uncensored format of the man’s views. This provides a clear window into who he is, without any of the slant or bias that the media has tried to present him as.

  6. Chris S. (verified owner)

    Transformational insight and possibly the most profound understanding of modern women, especially Western-raised women.

    An absolute must-read for all of us bewildered and jaded men wondering what in the heck is going on with relationships, courting, women en messe, and the modern social construct that has made us akin to mice on a hamster wheel of despair and confusion.

    Bravo to Roosh, the meistro of human interaction, gender roles and mating, and a true understanding of how we arrived at this disheartening stage and how to proceed, empowered and enlightened.

  7. Linda (verified owner)

    Loved this format and the content with high quality writing and knowledge
    Thanks Roosh

  8. Bryce Gawronski (verified owner)

    Hours of good content from an honest perspective. Roosh’s words embody the thoughts of many men (and some women’s) who feel like no one else sees the world like they do. The ebook is cheap and is 100x more valuable than scrolling through toxic social media. God speed, Roosh!

  9. Norm (verified owner)

    Wish this was available when I was younger. Required reading for every teen male or anyone who want to see the true nature of women.

  10. Edy (verified owner)

    Great book which explains a lot of things about human nature and the sane world. I liked it a lot!
    But I think Roosh did some generalisations on women because he’s been mostly only with a certain type of girl and also I think he’s become a fatalist on some aspects!
    Nevertheless, I find it a great book!
    Thanks Roosh

  11. Cleet

    This is a good read. It is articles from Roosh’s pre Christian days. There is a lot of red pill wisdom in here. Personally, I was never a big fan of hook-up / pick up culture. That said, I think Roosh does a really good job of describing the weaker sex. If anyone has any doubts that the Best of Roosh is just a misogynistic blast, the they should read H. L. Mencken’s “Women as Christians “. No women, if she can help it, is truly interested in a moral life. No woman wants to be humble. Most women are conceited self-exalting braggarts. The truth is that women are way more obsessed with sex than men.

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    As someone who has watched women change over decades, this book confirms what I have seen and experienced. Feminist beliefs led to the gruesome triple murders of my sister, her husband, and their son! She was not a bitter feminist but she was brainwashed in college to follow the feminist lifestyle. This led to her destruction over years. I have found overwhelming truths in this book!

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