My Life’s Work Combo

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This eBook package contains the following four audiobooks in MP3 format:

  • Game
  • Lady
  • Bang
  • Day Bang

And the following 20 books in eBook format:

  • Game
  • Lady
  • Bang
  • Day Bang
  • Free Speech Isn’t Free
  • Poosy Paradise
  • Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face?
  • The Best Of Roosh: Volume I
  • A Dead Bat In Paraguay
  • 30 Bangs
  • Bang Ukraine
  • Bang Iceland
  • Bang Poland
  • Don’t Bang Denmark
  • Bang Colombia
  • Roosh’s Brazil Compendium
  • Bang Lithuania
  • Bang Estonia
  • Don’t Bang Latvia
  • Roosh’s Argentina Compendium

Each eBook comes with PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI) files.

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PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI)

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30 hours 12 minutes

37 reviews for My Life’s Work Combo

  1. Nabeel Azeez (verified owner)

    Way underpriced for the body of work being delivered.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    The Purchase is abolutely worth it.

    The books about game are rocksolid and easy to unterstand. If you’re looking for a complete guideline on every aspect of the pickup you won’t be dissapointed. There are no lines you have to memorize since roosh focuses on the subject that you are developing your own game since everyone is different, what works for you might not work for me. Especially the newest book Game focuses on this.

    His Travelbooks and the way he writes about his expiriences and how he became the way he is are very authentic and you never find yourself saying “this is bullshit“. I enjoyed them more than I expected.

    He also focuses sometimes on politics. If you are interested in that then read “free speech isn’t free anymore“. Here you’ll learn about how the media and the left deceives and manipulates and how they finally create witch hunts.

    All in all I would recommend his books to everyone, I’m not finished with all of them tbh but what I read and heard so far (audiobooks) convinced me.

    Ps: Sry for bad Englisch sometimes. I’m not native.

  3. Joe Schmoe (verified owner)

    The game books are really exceptional. I’m a married guy and won’t really be employing these techniques, but it’s an interesting subject and Roosh is, by far, the best of the pickup authors. He walks you through the process of meeting and connecting with women. Whether this leads to nothing more than sex, on the one hand, or a happy marriage, on the other hand, is up to you — but the first steps are the same in either case. Another great thing about the books is that Roosh seems like a humane person. A lot of the authors who write about similar subjects can be pretty cynical and bitter, but Roosh isn’t. He likes women and that shines through. And the transformation of Roosh from a pickup artist instructor to an insightful political commentator has been amazing to see. He’s got some very important ideas. I respect him and look forward to his articles, his blog posts, and his next books.

  4. John Gamez (verified owner)

    By purchasing Roosh’s Life’s Work Combo, I’ve been able to extract invaluable knowledge and apply it successfully in my life. I am a more hyperaware man of the “real” world and its ulterior motives, and of course, the nature of women because of it. You will never find something so incredibly comprehensive of the manosphere as this collection. I highly recommend Roosh’s collection to any man out there wishing to open their eyes to the Red Pill and incorporate it into their lives to realize their true potential. Thanks Roosh!

  5. laurent richard

    I bought first the ebook Game due to the ban on Amazon and after I bought the hardcopy. Never regreted just 1 second. All of men who truly want to take their dating life to the next level should buy it. If I knew all of his advices 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have lost my time on girls who wasn’t worth it because we were programmed by the society to kneel before them, now it’s totally the inverse, already have some results and this get me laid with 1 chick in january I only knew for a few days. This is a only the beginning. Thank you!

  6. Graham (verified owner)

    Realize your complete options and full potential in life as a man.

    Through travel, appreciation for beauty, and an unflinching understanding of the light and dark sides of human nature, you may never find a better guide through the richest living of masculine life than Roosh.

  7. Raf Blanco

    This is an amazing offer. I originally purchased thinking that I would read Game and then, maybe, look over one or two of the other books. I’ve now read everything Roosh has written from cover to cover. Reading Bang and Day Bang provided me with detailed scripts of how to execute some of the ideas in Game, as well as giving me insight in to how Roosh’s ideas on game have evolved over the years. Free Speech isn’t Free was a fascinating look in to Roosh’s fight in Canada (which was when I started following him). The travel “guides” and memoirs were both informative snapshots of one man’s attempt to bed women of various nationalities, as well as hilarious reads. Roosh’s dry and often sardonic humor comes across not only in his audiobook reading, but also in his writing. I often found myself reading his recollections “in his voice” in my head.

    Five stars. This is the most entertaining group of books I have ever read. And, Game is, by far, the most realistic and properly actionable book on the subject ever written.

  8. Balazs (verified owner)

    Roosh is by far the best – and only honest – PUA out there. Great stuff.

  9. Matt

    The only PUA content that seems worth reading. While I think your fundamentals (job, physical attractiveness, etc) are way more important than game, this stuff can really help. It also made me realize I needed to downplay my provider credentials and play up my raw masculine sexiness. That change alone instantly produced way better results. Now I feel like I understand what’s going on with all the bullshit women pull and can act effectively or know when to stop wasting my time and move on. The analysis of different venues also did a lot to help me realize why the quality of girls I wanted have been so hard to find (although I still have no idea where to find marriage material that isn’t ultra religious). Full disclosure, I’m in the LTR camp, although I get why guys can decide to only value sex.

  10. Donald

    Perfect if your an Autist as its very very detailed. Brings you back to traditional game with step by steps and lots of good nuggets for advanced and intermediate gamers.

  11. Greg (verified owner)

    This package is a great deal and more importantly the books are filled with solid information. Roost has a way of cutting through the BS and delivering actionable intel. At the very least, this guy has lived more life than most people in the world so the insights that he provides are often unique and valuable.

  12. Andy

    Roosh V teachings and books saved my life and helped me to guide and lead my little brother. Helped me to fix my relationship with my father and helped me to embrace my masculinity and my nature. I think this is the only PUA out there who won’t sell you bullshit.

  13. Maxime (verified owner)

    After some internal debates I have come to the conclusion that focusing on becoming an height is better than gaming. I will not attract women attention in the short run but my physical and mental abilities are constantly increasing. I don’t agree with the author when it comes to time management and personal resources allocation. Game and some other books are nevertheless very interesting since Roosh has without any doubt a great deal of practical experience to share with us. I was seeking a more theoretical approach when it comes to women’s psyche, but I think the general observations contained in these books are handy resources if you want to keep in mind some important points about women. In the hindsight I remember numerous occasions during which women were in reality testing me. I didn’t really understand at the time. My attitude will be different from now on.

    I have purchased the suite in order to support Roosh. He repeatedly challenged powerful leftists during his career, and consequently deserves some respect for it. I wish I will have the balls to do the same in the future.

  14. Josh (verified owner)

    Roosh is an extremely talented writer, I was never once bored. He has a subtle, intelligent humor and can genuinely make his topic interesting.

    I bought the book mainly due to the volume of deplatforming and globalist attacks on this one man, but I ended up reading all 16 books.

    Roosh educated me and gave me so much practical knowledge at only 19 years old. No single writers’ collection provides this much value.

  15. Robert Adam (verified owner)

    By far the most interesting, informative, and entertaining material I have ever read.
    I grew up on a farm beside a small town in central Alberta. I always had fast cars and a bit of a bad boy reputation, which got me through my teen years. But then I got married at age 21, had kids immediately, and as I look back I now realize I had a most perfect girl. At 24, I landed a adventurous high paying job as an oil Scout, which is someone who spies on competing oil companies. The job, the money, the challenge, it built me a ton of confidence, and I began to have good luck in the stray women activities. I had always thought I missed out on a lot of notches on my belt, only 5 one night stands before I met the girl I married.
    Reading Roosh’s books helped me understand myself, and put the love game into perspective. But my lack of notches got me into bad trouble as the years passed me by. Also, my georgeous wife had one bad habit, she was a workaholic, working 12-15 hours, 364 days per year, which left me with too much spare time during my slow work periods. I eventually met a younger girl that paid attention to me, and while I was working my ass off at my newfound auto dealership one hour from home, this new girl filled a gap in my life, then I began to fill hers ! After a period of one year where I kinda forgot to go home, divorce, ironically after I had terminated my affair.
    Then after 10 years of depression, and no luck with meeting new ladies, I had a 21 year old model like girl show up in my life. I was well aware of her drug addiction, but I enjoyed her crazy character for 7 years, off and on, but again had no luck at landing a decent partner, or even making any further notches, so I put up with my drug addicted model, up until the day she stole my sons pickup truck, and tried to kill me by running me over.
    Again looking back after months of hospital, and now lifelong disability, I wished I had learned the knowledge of Roosh.
    In my teen years, I could have added a few more notches, which would have made me realize the value of my wife, and taking the attitude Roosh teaches, I could have avoided the affair that led to divorce, and after divorce I could have had the confidence to add some notches, which would have taught me not to think of a drugged up mafia princess was not girlfriend material, and could have avoided the disaster of getting run over by a crazy woman.
    But this being disabled last 5 years has given me the time to learn about my life, and really appreciate the talents that Roosh has shown me, and entertained me as well.
    Unfortunately , being difficult to walk, impossible to work, and the probability of never getting another notch in my belt, has given me the time to explore the writings of Roosh, and in a weird way has lifted tons of depression and pain.
    I thank Roosh from my heart, I wished I had read his material many years ago, and it would have changed many outcomes of life.
    Maybe Roosh will someday write a book called : Game for the Old and less fortunate !

  16. Mark (verified owner)

    I purchased Rooshes work a few months prior. I can definitely recommend doing the same. Full disclosure: I am a happily married guy and not looking to get with new women anytime soon. That said, I think Rooshes work hold important nuggets of info, even for someone like me. I find his earlier books entertaining to read, but his latest book, Game, is pure gold. It is full of practical pointers and is written in an accessible style. It is obvious that Roosh has grown over the years in his skills as a writer. It is clear that his expertise is getting with women and that he has put his experience in this book. If you have any interest in the dynamics of male-female interaction Rooshes life work is a definitive recommendation to purchase.

  17. Colin (verified owner)

    Game is a great book because very few people in the scene talk about relationships. And, of course, Bang gives one really good basic knowledge. The content of Day Bang, however, is a bit dry. The travel books are fine but the ‘Free speech isn’t Free’ isn’t about Free Speech but rather about his tour he made in Europe and North America.

  18. Richard Chen (verified owner)

    What I really like about Roosh is his genuine tell tale honesty ; I have found nothing fake or fable in his Life’s Work Combo. The Establishment is completely hypocritical when they seek to ban him and his works. Roosh is evolving from yesterday’s rebel to today’s darling for many!

  19. Harry

    The Bang and The Game are my most favorite books by Roosh. I loved the content. I am already benefiting from the insights of these books. Thank you so much Roosh.

  20. James (verified owner)

    Roosh V’s “My Life’s Work Combo” contains more genuine, applicable wisdom than the modern 4 year university degree and for a considerably lower cost.

  21. Tyler (verified owner)

    Roosh’s writing is engaging, entertaining, and interesting. His books explain the nature of Game–the techniques, the philosophy, the socio-cultural situation that makes it necessary–better than anyone. There’s a reason he’s such a renowned guru.

    This package is an excellent deal. Definitely worth picking up, especially for the professional-quality audio versions.

  22. Joey (verified owner)

    Very well illustrated. Covers such an array of topics and circumstances with good underlying theme that protrudes through many other beliefs of what it means to employ the lifestyle called ‘game’

  23. Seb (verified owner)

    I have received a great deal of value from the content… especial ‘Game’. I wish I knew about this before. I also really like how Roosh’s sense of humor comes through which makes it very appealing to listen/read. Definitely the most practical, down to earth honest and holistic approach to achieving mans increasingly difficult relationship quest that I have come across.

  24. Sebastian O’Reilly (verified owner)

    I have received a great deal of value from the content… especial ‘Game’.

  25. Bob Boberson (verified owner)

    In life you can get almost anything you want as long as you can see the path, and are willing to work hard to travel down it. Roosh can show you the path, the rest is up to you.

  26. Yashraj Khanna (verified owner)

    Roosh’s Work has changed my outlook towards women in general and improved my game significantly. Thanks to his books, I literally started 2019 with a bang(S). By nailing 5 different chicks in the first 9 days of 2019. The knowledge offered in his work is worth far more than the asking price. I genuinely hope that more and more men give his work a shot. Thanks Roosh! Here’s to many more BANGS!

  27. Marcus Aurelius

    First, I’ve started reading Roosh in early 2018. His writing style is appealing and the truths and values he offers to the reader are amazing. Even if you are not as focused on Game as I am, you’ll find a lot of good stuff in this collection. Especially his book “Game” offers a lot of insight that should be valuable to any man reading it.

    This is a purchase I can really recommend.

  28. F B (verified owner)

    Excellent work. So much wisdom in these pages. Very well written. Honest accounts of mistakes and successes. Keep up the outstanding writing Roosh – your bros have a lot of love for your work!!!

  29. Anonymous Canadian (verified owner)

    As others have said, this is a great value for the amount of material given.

    The price represents over a hundred hours of my time being spent reading and listening to his distilled thousands of hours of experience and reflection.

    I don’t even care to “learn game”, I bought the package first and foremost to give a strong fuck you to censors, and then to study it all for my more literary interest.

  30. Guillermo (verified owner)

    Truly, Roosh’s wisdom provides fast successes as never before I experienced along my whole existence (I am a widowed 66) and thus it has motivated me for long-term commitment to really enjoy women at the fullest. Marvelously, it is a wonderful goal once I know now how to approach stress-free any woman I want and I’m also conscious how making her happy in and out of bed. Roosh’s know-how provides confidence to meet any loveliness woman as if I had previously plenty of experience myself. Roosh’s dazzling attention to detail combines a healthy dose of common sense together with big lessons (finest art of loving) to be learned for the better at being highly successful attracting, jumping and keeping high quality women. Remarkably this combo is being a golden guide equipping me with all the skills and habits I may need to get the crème of the crème beautiful and hot women passionately attracted to me still giving me enough insights to choose the very best girl for life into marriage for the ages. Congratulations so far to all lucky folks owning this powerful combo kit. It is worthy, a blessing, very affordable, and lovingly life-saving to keep me thriving and enjoying life to the fullest by kissing and laying down with glorious women beyond my wildest dreams. Last but not least, I ask permission to Roosh in order to take advantage of his formidable political and sociological insights to inform to this forum about a wonderful and free opportunity to complete an inner work along three levels of expertise to accomplish the needed outer work in a suffering world to help humanity to prevail and prosper. It is the online Quareia Free School of Magic for the 21st Century: . “There is no cost, nothing to sign up for, and no registration…the lessons are freely available for study.” Finally Kudos to Roosh as well, so whatever you ask you may receive richly enhanced. Thank you my teacher and brother. With Elan!

  31. Barbara (verified owner)

    Excellent work, I really enjoy it. Highly recommended. A++++

  32. Julian (verified owner)

    Roosh knows exactly what he’s talking about. The guides are amazing and he literally sacrificed a normal life for the benefit of every man that reads his work. Roosh is one of the most fascinating men of the 21st century that has done a huge amount of work for nothing in return. His style of writing his hilarious, very relatable if you have ever lived a life similar to Roosh’s (which I have), his style of writing is addictive and kept me hooked for DAYS. It really made me realize that it was not me who was the problem, but North American culture. How did I manage to suck with girls in Canada but always kill it in Europe? Glad to know I am not the only one.

    I just wish he put more pictures of his trips.

  33. Christopher (verified owner)

    Good stuff

  34. Jason (verified owner)

    A great body of work

  35. Chris (verified owner)

    Day Bang audio book should be narrated by Roosh himself

  36. Jared (verified owner)

    If you hear enough bad things about a person, I’d recommend getting into the habit of reading their book, if they have one. In this case, he’s a writer and has many to choose from.

    Your next task, is to read it from front to back without putting it down because you’re too upset by the words to continue. Sticks ‘n’ stones, ‘member?

    Then, you may interpret the author’s actions and words a little differently, as you have now shed your own ego and can pick and choose what nuggets of wisdom that may be in whatever literature you ingest. It’s not all valuable. Don’t be fooled by his messiah-like beard. But sometimes, you may just have a “eureka” moment, like when a song clicks in your brain and you love it forever, unconditionally.

    If you must need a smooth-brain, Redditor hive mind moron TL;DR, then: Roosh is a very interesting bloke and is worth listening to if you peel back a couple of layers, stop being an emotional faggot and embrace Zeno like a grown up.

    Your perpetual usually inebriated Australian philosopher, cuuuuunts

  37. Ole (verified owner)

    A great deal . Game is great, Lady is great, and the stories in 30 Bangs are hilarious. And the fact that Roosh narrates the books is simply fantastic. Thanks for great knowledge, insights and humor.

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