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Lady helps women find love, long-term relationships, and marriage in a modern environment where most men seem to only want casual sex. It shares the habits, values, and behaviors of a woman who is most likely to settle down with her ideal man while providing useful tips to reduce the anxiety and stress that are the root causes of wasting time with bad men, alcohol, and consumerism.

Lady is divided into three books:

  • Book You helps you understand the true side of your female nature and why the feminist movement is making it difficult to connect with a man.
  • Book Men explains what men really want and why most of your relationships seem to go nowhere. It shares advice on how to maximize your value, date successfully, and enter a monogamous relationship with a good man who wants to marry you, even if you’re over 30.
  • Book Relationships describes how to maintain and care for your relationship in a way that encourages a man to marry you.

Lady provides practical knowledge and advice for women to identify and attract a good man for a loving relationship without having to sleep around or be needlessly hurt. It will help a woman nurture her feminine side and experience love with a dedicated man who wants to protect and provide for her.

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14 reviews for Lady eBook

  1. Helena (verified owner)

    A really good book, the focuses on you and living a fulfilling life as a woman, helps you understand men and how to get with the right one and staying with him.

    The only thin I wish, is that it would focus more on keeping the relationship alive and keeping your man attracted to you only long term. Hence four stars, but if that was included as well it would be five stars.

    A very well written book. Thank you.

  2. Alex (verified owner)

    Loved it. I’m a man but I probably enjoyed reading it even more than his book directed at men, Game. He is a perspicacious man, with insights that cut through the foundation of plastic platitudes we’ve been fed all our lives. I definitely recommend this to a young lady or an older lady, who is serious about getting into a long term relationship.

  3. Kel Good (verified owner)

    I’m about 3/4 of the way through the book and find it well written from Roosh’s current perspective. I gave it 5 stars because given that perspective, it presents things quite well.

    Reviewer Helena gave it only 4 stars because Roosh leaves out guidance on keeping love alive long term. She misunderstands things here because romantic love is NOT Roosh’s goal at all. In a recent blog post he pooh poohs romantic love and says instead that marriage and family should be your focus instead. If you read Lady with this in mind, you’ll recognize Roosh doesn’t once suggest you marry for love.

    Roosh’s program is really just the affirmation of the edicts of “biological nature.” If you follow what nature wants, you’ll go monogamous marriage and focus on raising kids instead. Dad will work to “provide” and mom will “nurture” the children. That’s okay if “family” is your goal but you need to recognize nature’s program is not about romantic love.

    If your goal IS romantic love you will need to move in a different direction than the one Roosh is recommending. Obviously Roosh’s “pump and dump” past showed him that’s not the answer either though. He opts for “family” instead of romantic love as his recommendation.

    If you DO desire romantic love I suggest exploring the idea of romantic friendships. Romantic Friendships focus on your love connection and NOTHING ELSE. They leave out all the trappings of traditional monogamy. That way your love has a much better chance of thriving and surviving like you want it to.

    With these qualifications taken into account I think Roosh does an excellent job of presenting his perspective. There is no doubt “biology” would have us all follow his advice.

  4. Cynthia (verified owner)

    This is an extremely well-written and thoughtful book that will help women make better decisions in the dating wasteland that is dating in 2019. Roosh repurposes dating insights for made synthesized from observations made in the field and gives wonderful advice for women from the male perspective on how to make oneself available for love from a masculine man, how to avoid being used by unserious men while trying to meet a serious ones, how to secure a commitment and then methods to nurture that love for life. This is very unlike the “dating advice” that is currently offered to women, which is heavy on the “strong and independent” platitudes and light on how to please a man and add value to his life.

    Overall, this is an excellent book and a very quick read. One observation: if you’re a woman from a minority group reading this book, the dating landscape for you will look vastly different from the more mainstream audience that Roosh is writing for. Completely understandable. The information in this book is still very applicable but may have to be adapted slightly to achieve success.

  5. Jason (verified owner)

    This is a great book. I’m 40. My wife is 25. We both agree with what’s written in this book and we’re going to use this as a guide on how to raise our daughter. She’s almost 3 months old now. Perfect timing.

  6. A bows (verified owner)

    Great info!

  7. John (verified owner)

    Having recently discovered Roosh V and his excellent podcast, I thought I would support him and try one of his books. It’s very clear that he has gone through some kind of growth or spiritual awakening and it’s apparent in the writing of Lady. While not the target audience, I have always been fascinated by human motivation and relationships, and Roosh’s background gives him a fascinating perspective on male and female relations. I found the book very entertaining and absorbing and the advice practical. If you are a woman who is serious about finding a good man, getting married, and starting a family, Roosh will teach you from experience how men and women think and what motivates their behavior. If you are a man who is interested in what motivates women to make the choices they do (and perhaps you want to avoid a relationship with a woman who will ruin your life), I believe you will also find a lot of value in this book. Stop pursuing sterile relationships. Find a good man (or woman), settle down, and start a family. Thanks Roosh.

  8. Lily Maroon (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Lady. It is pretty aligned with my thoughts on womanhood anyway so I didn’t have a lot of hurdles to overcome taking the advice. But even some of the more challenging points I found were being brought across very tastefully and written from a standpoint of genuine care for women. Reading the book really encouraged me to stick to these values, and perhaps also reconsider some overly romantic ideas. It’s practical and empowering in a sense that it makes me want to work on myself and my own attitudes and be giving to those around me according to my true female nature rather than be the modern woman the world has tried hard to raise me to be, a distinction drawn very clearly and helpfully in the book. This leaves me feeling I can always be active in improving my attitudes towards men and society as a whole, and thereby attracting a man that will eventually love me for it.

  9. Will (verified owner)

    Lady hits all the key points when it comes to Women seeking Men. All the right information is here as well as great advice for weeding out the right man. I will probably share this book bc there just isn’t anything else like it on the market.

    Although I heard he mentioned trying to alter his tone in writing this book I think it is still too far on the stern side. Far enough to make me hesitate in suggesting this book to the women in my life. I think it could do a better job of selling the female reader on the benefits of embracing their feminine and living a more traditional life. Though I suppose the author has limited data on what it means to be a woman lol. It just comes off as telling them what they can’t have. Though I agree the net effect of feminism has been detrimental, you can’t tell me it doesn’t have great marketing: Think of all you could be! You could be a scientist! You could be an Astronaut! You could have 3 kids and be a CEO! You can have it all! Blah blah blah blah

    -In the book it says don’t drink on any of your 9 dates, though ideal I think this would be tough for someone to follow in the modern age. The traditional institutions like church are so badly weakened, much socialization takes place near alcohol. I would agree it wise to skip on at least the first couple dates.
    -In the book it says a cheating man should be looked at less critically than a cheating woman. I agree the biological costs are skewed, but, If women are natural born followers and men natural born leaders, men should be held to a high standard of moral conduct and must lead by example.

  10. Jacqueline (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this book.

  11. Kristina Camacho (verified owner)

    Every father should teach this to their daughters.

  12. Kerry (verified owner)

    As a woman in her mid- forties, divorced and with a grown son, I thought I could use a little brushing up on what men are looking for. Being staunchly anti-feminist my entire adult life has kept me in a more traditional mindset. It had also made me aware of the destruction wrought on relationships between men and women. I did appreciate Roosh’s masculine perspective, particularly in managing a man’s expectations based on his actions towards a woman. I think its helpful for adults like me, with marriage and parenting experience already under our belts, but still young enough to hope to find love again. Get clear on your boundaries and expectations, and then get ready to do the work of finding someone to love. I feel that the tone of the book is exactly stern enough to address women who are constantly making the same mistakes in dating. Especially a feminist woman looking to alter her ways – she needs that level of sternness to counteract the behaviors that are making her miserable. Overall, a well-written, easily understood and applicable book for men and women. Thank you.

  13. Sylvia (verified owner)

    Roosh writes an honest and straightforward book, and I enjoyed reflecting on his insights.

    In fact, I was mostly just happy to read a dating book which looks at relationships in context- that context being the society that we live in- and the trends that aim to shape our lives. Other books don’t do that!

    I agree with many of the ideas in the book….Having said that, it lacks the spiritual dimension, which seems to be a consistent feature of some of Roosh’s subsequent works. I won’t harp on this point, since I suspect that his target audience is not exclusively, or even primarily Christian.

    I believe this book is meant for any traditionally minded woman who believes that she will find some degree of satisfaction in living out the promises of a traditional marriage.

    And in this, Roosh’s book would be an excellent practical guide in helping to achieve that outcome.

  14. C G

    I was gifted American Pilgrim for Christmas and couldn’t put it down, so I decided to order Lady.

    Lady is a great book for any lady.

    Although it is not considered a Christian book, there are a lot of tools to become more in tune with femininity from the inside out, which is the exact opposite of what American culture teaches. These simple points make going against the grain much easier along with the enduring cultural rot of women in society (especially when you’re trying to shop for a dress and come across the “non-binary” or “gender-neutral” section in the store while Cardi Bafoon plays in the background)

    Roosh is honest about what men seek in a potential wife and how a lady should behave, serve, and help her man. He speaks of the type of men a woman should stand clear of and behaviors that may make men run for the hills.

    Aside from very few non-christian points in which he specifies, this book is a great tool for weeding out uninterested men, potentially finding a husband, becoming more feminine, and how men perceive you by certain behaviors.

    Also, Roosh’s humor is a plus.

    If you want to stay away from the Exciting Erics and Weird Walters of the world, grab this book.

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