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Lady helps women find love, long-term relationships, and marriage in a modern environment where most men seem to only want casual sex. It shares the habits, values, and behaviors of a woman who is most likely to settle down with her ideal man while providing useful tips to reduce the anxiety and stress that are the root causes of wasting time with bad men, alcohol, and consumerism.

Lady is divided into three books:

  • Book You helps you understand the true side of your female nature and why the feminist movement is making it difficult to connect with a man.
  • Book Men explains what men really want and why most of your relationships seem to go nowhere. It shares advice on how to maximize your value, date successfully, and enter a monogamous relationship with a good man who wants to marry you, even if you’re over 30.
  • Book Relationships describes how to maintain and care for your relationship in a way that encourages a man to marry you.

Lady provides practical knowledge and advice for women to identify and attract a good man for a loving relationship without having to sleep around or be needlessly hurt. It will help a woman nurture her feminine side and experience love with a dedicated man who wants to protect and provide for her.

This package contains the Lady (1) audiobook in MP3 format and (2) the eBook in PDF, Kindle (MOBI), and EPUB formats.

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Publication Date

1st Edition: February 14, 2019
2nd Edition (this product): March 29, 2021

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Audiobook Length

5 hours 50 minutes

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PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI)

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7 reviews for Lady Audiobook + eBook

  1. Emily (verified owner)

    I had to ask myself what I was thinking when I ordered this book, but I’m glad I did. I’m not the target audience anymore (thank God, I’m happily married), but I consider it an act of God that I was able to get married to an amazing guy in this toxic modern environment. Still, I do wish I had this book when I was younger and I read it partially out of curiosity but also because I was looking for good advice to give younger women.

    Parents and future-parents – especially FATHERS – I think this is a must-read book. Roosh makes really valid points and I think a big idea in the book that our society needs to wake up to is that girls are going to be better off in their father’s house or in their husband’s house. The in-between single-college-work-dating-hookup is terrible for everybody – except guys who only want to play the hookup game. It’s hard to claim we value homemaking skills when we kick girls out of the house the second they finish high school.

    One thing I would note to readers is that Roosh writes about girls as if they are primarily motivated by sleeping with high-status guys. I would say that girls actually are more motivated by generating jealously/esteem/status from other women and girls in their friend-circle. While a high-status guy helps with that, it’s not the sole thing. When I told my husband, he laughed and said “Guys don’t understand the female status system.” Maybe that exploration can be book two (“Ladies”?).

    Single ladies, I would recommend you follow the advice in this book if you want to get married. You’ll probably hate the advice and observations, but you’ll be happier in the end. I used to be a fat, short-haired feminist with all kinds of problems. Now I’m a thin trad-wife with long hair and the truth is, few things make me happier than seeing my man come home from work excited to eat what I’ve made for him for dinner. If you are 18 and reading this, maybe that makes you want to puke. If you are over 30 like me, then you already know that most single women over 30 are miserable and cuddling up with a bottle of wine (or a box of it). I never would have married such a wonderful man if I hadn’t drastically changed my ways years ago.

    Good job Roosh!

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Incredible insight from both Male and Female perspectives. Most empowering literature for Females ever written. True classic!

  3. Scott Towel (verified owner)

    Another genius and genuine book from legendary Roosh. Although this book was written for a female audience, the information Roosh provides is quite useful to men as well, especially fathers, brothers and boyfriends. I’m not quite sure how successful this book will be in the short term, but I bet it will be revisited many decades from now as an example of how some people were already aware of things to come and trying to stop it somehow. Roosh’s work is commandable and I hope he someday gets the recognition I deserves.

    I’m at my 4th listen and it is still quite interesting. It also complements Roosh’s other recent book “Game”. All in all, an excellent buy. If your wife, sister, daugther or girfriend is open to self-improvement and change, this makes an excellent first red pill. If they aren’t, you will still get something out of it yourself.

    Highly recommended.

  4. Craig

    Thanks Roosh! The book defines the current problems with the postmodern, leftist propaganda that is eroding the female identity. Plus it will give women insight, first principles, and virtues that will keep them safe from the intersectional feminist ideology. Furthermore, this book will help guide women towards an honest man with “husband” values and morales who will marry, provide, and love them for a lifetime. Finally, if you have daughters, sisters, nieces, or even X-girlfriends give them a copy of this book, it will answer all the questions as to why western culture is in a decline and how to protect yourself from it.

  5. S (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this audio book. The only shame is that it wasn’t available when I was 18. Could have saved me some mistakes.
    This should be every father’s gift to his daughter on her 18th birthday.
    Thanks for the enjoyable and informative audio book and I totally LOLd when you read in your “female voice.” Very funny.

  6. B (verified owner)

    I’m a lady and enjoy listening to Roosh’s insanely long live-streams so I opted for the digital version. Living in liberal hell for the past 15 years, I’ve heard it all…that you can act like a man and still get everything you want. Wrong. Lady is time-honored, reasonable and respectable advice that makes total sense even in the fat, ugly face of feminism today. Will probably order the paperback as well.

  7. Andrea (verified owner)

    I liked very much listening to Roosh`s well-paced, cultured, accent-free American English, which in itself made the purchase worthwhile.
    The content is concise and to the point. The phantom driver in the crazy world.

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