Gentle Roosh Combo

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This package contains:

  • What I’ve Learned About Life Speech
  • Lady eBook
  • Lady Audiobook
  • A Dead Bat In Paraguay eBook
  • Free Speech Isn’t Free eBook
  • Why Can’t I Leave A Smiley Face? eBook

Speech is in downloadable video (MP4) and podcast (MP3) formats. You can also stream it online without the need for download. The speech is yours to own, and can be accessed on unlimited devices.

Each book comes with PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI) formats. The audiobook is in MP3 format.

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Audiobook Total Length

5 hours 30 minutes

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PDF, EPUB, and Kindle (MOBI)

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15 reviews for Gentle Roosh Combo

  1. Zander (verified owner)

    I have been using the 2019 speech to guide our new year of 2020. I gave “Lady” to my cousin and she enjoyed it greatly, she is getting married later this year. I am still diving into the rest, but judging from Roosh’s previous work, I have high expectations.

  2. EO (verified owner)

    Great work. More than worth everyone’s time.

  3. Loïc (verified owner)

    Thank you Roosh.

  4. Steve Hodges (verified owner)

    Excellent insight into navigating modern life and culture in an inteligent and principled manner.

  5. George Hussar (verified owner)

    Based and Rooshpilled. Thank you Rooshbass!

  6. OLAF (verified owner)

    There’s so much information in all these books, it’s worth every penny, thanks to Roosh.

  7. Chris (verified owner)

    Logos is Rising!

  8. Sam (verified owner)

    Love the way Roosh writes, wise yet easy to understand.

  9. Eliseo Jacobo (verified owner)

    Great value!

  10. Bethany Chamberlain (verified owner)

    This digital combo package is a great value. I enjoy Roosh’s writing style and content, and find his road to salvation both poignant and inspiring.

  11. JLNC (verified owner)

    Great combo, insightful and with that one of a kind Roosh charm!

  12. Constantine (verified owner)

    Love it! I haven’t been Roosh follower till recently, but I wish I could be there from the beginning of his journey. As somebody who is familiar and above all very interested about women, I have received a lot of useful information and food for reflexion.

  13. Adam (verified owner)

    A collection of required study for all men.

  14. 0hhtec Musician (verified owner)

    For $20, this is a great deal. I purchased this combo primarily as a donation to Roosh am I am glad that I did. I have only heard the speech so far. Do be warned: the speech–for me–goes a little bit too much into detail of Roosh’s sinful past, which can bring obscene images to mind. I have *heard* that Lady is a great book to have your daughter read; I haven’t read it myself , but if I ever have a daughter, I would read it and most likely have her read it as well (or maybe I would read it to her).

  15. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Lady is an excellent book for any young woman to prepare her for a good and lasting relationship and family.

    The book is very well written and full of important insights that she won’t get from the media, politics and the educational system. Heck, often not even from her own parents.

    It can prevent a modern young lady from becoming a depressed, frustrated, medicated cat woman at 40. Instead, the book assists her in finding a proper role in life and becoming a content feminine wife and mother.

    Even men can learn lots from this book in regards to women, dating and courtship.

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