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A Dead Bat In Paraguay is a true adventure story about a 28-year-old man who decided that the best way he could deal with his existential crisis was to sell his possessions, quit his professional career as a scientist, and hop on a one-way flight to Quito, Ecuador in order to visit every country in South America.

I sincerely believed the trip would put me on a track towards a more fulfilling life of excitement, intrigue, and exotic women, away from my soulless corporate job in a Washington D.C. suburb. Instead, I humorously fall from one country to the next, striking out repeatedly with the local women, getting robbed, having dreams that became reality, self-diagnosing myself with a host of diseases, and suffering repeated bouts of stomach illness that made marathon bus rides superhuman feats of bodily strength. Along the journey I chronicle the friendships, the women, and the struggles, including one fateful night in Paraguay that I thought would lead to my end.

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September 2009


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2 reviews for A Dead Bat In Paraguay eBook

  1. Andi (verified owner)

    This is mostly about Roosh`s bowel movements and intestinal problems throughout his trip, but very entertaining at that.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    It had me laughing. At other times it was tragic, when he described the poverty and hardship of those living in South America. I have lived a comfortable life in America, and I now have a new appreciation of what I have. In a way it was very good for a female to read (I am female). Girls think they get love from men by having sex, but that is simply not true. Overall, it was a worth while read

    I have followed Roosh from when he was a PUA to when he found Christ. It is truly wonderful to see his transformation.

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