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What happens when a pickup artist suddenly receives God’s grace after teaching a lifestyle of fornication for over a decade to a worldwide audience? American Pilgrim is a memoir that shares the first-year journey of a man upon his decision to repent from a life of evil to serve Jesus Christ. He travels across the United States to deliver his testimony in person through a series of lectures while chronicling the temptations that attempt to bring him back to Satan, the spiritual labors that deepen his faith as a new Christian, and the lamentable state of America on the cusp of great upheaval.

Roosh achieved notoriety and fame as a pickup artist starting with his first book Bang, eventually writing over ten books teaching fornication. Upon receiving the gift of faith in early 2019, he renounced and unpublished his old work. American Pilgrim is his first book as a practicing Christian.

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February 19, 2021


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17 reviews for American Pilgrim

  1. Peter Kerr (verified owner)

    Excellent. Enlightening and thought provoking. Honest and entertaining. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    The book reminded me straight from the beginning, Roosh’s conversion and evolution as a character and personality. He renounces his past, but at the same time he accepts it and moves on, in the next chapter of his Life. That next chapter is essentially the book. As a Greek orthodox, I find the book very interesting, in the perspective of how Roosh is experiencing all the things that I’ve been taking for granted all of my life. It also paints very well the picture of Western civilization, and tries to give the reader his perspective about how a spiritual life devoted to Jesus Christ is the solution to the troubled souls of millions of people that lost their path. I recommend this book to everyone with the ability to think, also it’s good to support a creator and writer like Roosh, who essentially devoted his life to share his views and help thousands of people.

  3. nicolahu1997 (verified owner)

    As a male I can totally relate to the temptations of women, the thoughts that Roosh is going through.
    The book is very well written and Roosh narrates his thoughts without concealing anything about male thoughts.
    I really liked it.

  4. Christopher Brazendale (verified owner)

    Part travelogue, part confessions, this is a voyage through the dark heart of a nation and civilization in apparently terminal spiritual and moral decline. As always though God leaves a remnant to mount a final defense and to rebuild. Roosh is part of this remnant and this book reads like an honest appraisal of the patients true condition.

  5. [email protected] (verified owner)

    A great book, showing the journey of Roosh V and how everyone of us the struggle against the inside demons. I like the honesty and the transparence of Roosh. Keep up the great Work. God bless

  6. James (verified owner)

    As a recent convert to to Eastern Orthodoxy who underwent a similar (though perhaps less dramatic) transformation to Roosh, I really appreciated this book. It really felt like a modern update to the “The Way of the Pilgrim,” certainly not as profound, but much more relatable. I bought this book to support Roosh (I am new to his content, fortunately, but appreciate his work since coming to Christ) and honestly didn’t think I’d get around to reading it for months or maybe years, but I happened to crack it open to take a look and ended up reading it straight through in just a couple days.

    I really appreciated his honesty in writing this book as he does not gloss over his difficulties in following Christ in our degenerate modern society. There are definitely a few parts where I cringed, thinking “I can’t believe he said/did that,” only to realize upon reflection that I have said or done quite similar things, if not worse. In this way, the book is quite useful as many of us struggle with the same passions of pride, lust, etc. and observing Roosh’s struggles may help us reflect on our own shortcomings. After reading a lot of writings from saints during my catechism, it is refreshing to read an honest account from someone who is much closer to my own level of spiritual development.

    I would highly recommend this book for any newcomers to Orthodoxy or Christianity in general, or those who just starting to take their journey toward Christ more seriously. Its such an easy, entertaining read that is also filled with plenty of insights on how to cope with the fallen world we find ourselves in. I look forward to following Roosh’s work as he progresses in his life in Christ.

  7. james (verified owner)

    The book was very insightful, I’ve learnt so much from roosh over the years from his pua days to now, and watched him mature over the years.He’s been a great mentor, and It Would be great to meet him one day. I’m by no means religious but realise the damages i’ve done having been a perpetual fornicator for over 10 years and what it can do to your soul and that it certainly is a dead end. I look forward to reading roosh’s work for years to come.

  8. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Excellent book, which came at a timely point in my life, when I was starting to admit to myself that I had had it with the liberal BS that this corrupt world was throwing at me. I recommend it for anyone struggling to find meaning in an apparently meaningless world.

  9. Milan Patel (verified owner)

    Congrats on the book. It was a powerful read for me as someone who has also only recently heard God’s call to return to Him after last 20 years of sin and deception. Insightful, illuminating, humourous and relatable. May God bless you on your continued pilgrimage.

  10. Jared Hamilton (verified owner)

    I know Roosh would like proper constructive criticism on his work, he is a true writer who wants to improve.
    But the truth is criticizing this work is much more difficult then it was to write it…
    This is a true and honest auto-biographival work, telling the truth of God’s ability to redeem and utilize all of us for his grand work.

    Roosh has a very relatable past for most men in the west these days, of falling for temptation, sin and pride – his writing style makes everything clear and understandable… I often felt as though I could relate to the emotional highs and lows along his journey.

    This was Roosh’s public confession, it often touches on his intimate and personal life while constantly reminding us of the bigger picture.

    One of the best reads I have taken the time for in year’s, I was only able to buy the digital copy at the time but I plan on coming back for a paperback in the near future.

    Thank you Roosh for your honesty, and perspective – having rolemodels like yourself for young Orthodox people (specifically men) is inspiring and a necessary branch of support in these dark times.

    The Community around this man speaks more on this than I ever could.

    God Bless.

  11. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This book greatly exceeded my expectations. Roosh’s well-documented turn from womanizer to chaste believer is one we can all learn from in a world focused on chasing endless empty pleasures. I believe religion will be a big part in the coming renaissance of American freedom and values, and Roosh walks you through the current degeneracy of the world with humble and insightful thoughts on how we all can get back to what matters.

    The best part is that Roosh walks the walk, unpublishing his old works he no longer stands behind, and fully admitting that he wasted the majority of his life, something many of us can identify with. I finished the book in a few days and will definitely be rereading it regularly.

  12. [email protected] (verified owner)

    This book is so much more than just an account of the Roosh’s US road trip, only took me a few afternoons to read because his story is very relatable for many men in their 30s and up. Would definitely recommend!

    The author’s real journey is his transformation from a professional woman chaser to a devout Christian who has repented for his past worldly life. At the same time, American pilgrim is a chilling reminder that the world is quickly degenerating to a globalized mess of woke activism and mass hysteria, while traditional religion and family are in decline. There really is nowhere to run as even the conservative strongholds of yesterday seem to be headed in the same direction as the big liberal cities, be it in the US or elsewhere in the western world (I am from Europe and sadly, many “American” symptoms of the cultural decline are also starting to show on this side of the pond).

    The author’s message is clear – you can travel to any place in the world, but all will be in vain if you turn your back on God to pursue the cheap worldly pleasures. It is much wiser to get your priorities straight early on in life, before you have wasted a decade or more of your life pursuing material gratification. I am really grateful for all the wisdom Roosh is sharing with us, so we don’t have to learn all of his own life lessons the hard way. Will definitely reread this book because every time you do so, you learn something new.

  13. [email protected] (verified owner)

    While the book narrates the typical tour of Roosh’s conferences, he intermingles a varied detail of diverse towns and cities along with his opinion of them and how their political and intellectual stances affect the local populace. I personally enjoyed the descriptions as well as his own opinion of his current surroundings. This book is for those that are interested in learning more about the current state of the nation as well as the newfound faith of the author and his desire to keep it.

  14. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Great story. I lived a life very similar to how Roosh did and also had a radical conversion to Christ less than two years ago and I while I read his book I felt like I was reading the words of an older brother who knew what I was going through as well. Reading about how Roosh’s heart was transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit made me fall in love with God all over again and made me realize that even though living a life away from the world post-conversion can feel lonely in some ways, it’s actually when we become our truest selves. Thanks a lot Roosh!

  15. [email protected] (verified owner)

    To be honest, this book was very shocking to me. Sadly, I have had a life of misadventures and pleasures, and the truth is that I am still paying for that detachment from God. It’s amazing that it’s still there for me. Every chapter I read from the book, I had to stop for a bit to take a breath; In many of those situations, I remembered my past and felt like every bad decision I made in life burned me. Today I am recovering little by little, I do not know if God forgives me, but in case I have the opportunity to start a family, I will not allow my children to go through the same thing that I went through. I hope this book enlivens faith in them as it did me.

    Wonderful books are those that touch your soul and invite you to wake up and understand that you must follow the right path; without a doubt this book is one of them. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  16. [email protected] (verified owner)

    great book! not complicated, straight forward with the occasional dry humour

  17. LIVIU EMILIAN AIRINEI (verified owner)

    I will show the review gave to this book by a friend, Mihail Neamțu, to whom I sent the book in PDF format “Dear Emilian,
    The book brought tears into my heart. I have read just a few chapters and it blew me away with the power of living Christ.
    Be blessed and Thank You!
    Mihail Neamțu is one the most public known theologians in Romania. Born in 1978, Mihail Neamțu received a PhD in theology from King„s College London with a thesis called “The Nicene Christ and Desert Eschatology”. He lived also in US. After the election of Donald Trump as president of the US he wrote and published a consistent book in Romania, “The Trump phenomenon and profound America”.

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