American Pilgrim




What happens when a pickup artist suddenly receives God’s grace after teaching a lifestyle of fornication for over a decade to a worldwide audience? American Pilgrim is a memoir that shares the first-year journey of a man upon his decision to repent from a life of evil to serve Jesus Christ. He travels across the United States to deliver his testimony in person through a series of lectures while chronicling the temptations that attempt to bring him back to Satan, the spiritual labors that deepen his faith as a new Christian, and the lamentable state of America on the cusp of great upheaval.

Roosh achieved notoriety and fame as a pickup artist starting with his first book Bang, eventually writing over ten books teaching fornication. Upon receiving the gift of faith in early 2019, he renounced and unpublished his old work. American Pilgrim is his first book as a practicing Christian.

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February 19, 2021


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