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Game teaches men a 9-step program on meeting and attracting women in an age when smartphones, feminism, and anti-masculinity propaganda have made connecting with the opposite sex harder than ever. At over 350 pages, Game is the longest book I've written.

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Bang contains powerful techniques and advice that make it easier for average guys to be intimate with women. It was written after six years of full-time study in the game, the end result of relentlessly perfecting a dating strategy through hard work, trial and error, and rejection.

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Day Bang is a 201-page book that solely focuses on meeting women during the day. Using dozens of examples, it teaches you how to meet girls in common daytime venues like the coffee shop, retail store, street, bookstore, and grocery store, among others.

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The Best Of Roosh (Volume 1) is a collection of my 90 best essays over a period of six years, on topics including game, dating, culture, feminism, America, and travel. This book offers a good encapsulation of my ideas when I was most obsessed with sex.

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30 Bangs is a pornographic memoir that contains thirty short stories of how I seduced a series of promiscuous women.

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Poosy Paradise is a pornographic memoir of the two months I spent in Romania searching for the best women on the planet, trying to transform a rough city into my female dreamland. I also attempted to investigate if a Western man's "paradise" can even exist.

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Polish women affected me in such a positive, profound way that this book should probably be called Love Poland. In complimentary terms, I describe the femininity of Polish women while giving you advice on how to consistently be intimate with them.

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Ukraine has exceedingly beautiful women, but don't think you can easily romance them simply because you're a foreigner. You'll need to understand their mentality, personality, and values. Bang Ukraine helps you with that task.

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I wrote a dedicated dating guide for a country that has less than 350,000 people. It has the critical information for men who want to go to Iceland on a short trip and have romance with the women. Be careful: game is neutralized here.

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This is the first hater travel guide I've written. It teaches you how to meet Danish women while simultaneously convincing you not to go. It contains tourist tips, game advice, stories, and a lot of criticism of the Danish people. Read the book, but skip the country.

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I spent a month in Lithuania to find out that their most beautiful women, which exist in high numbers, require special tactics. It's the only country where "python game," a long-term game strategy, is your best way at attracting Lithuania's top tier talent.

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Estonia is an Eastern European gem with feminine, sweet women that is being quickly discovered by aggressive men from Southern Europe.

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Latvia is a great place to visit if you like getting scammed by ruthless women who will not hesitate to toss you and your wallet into the meat grinder. While things may be better outside of Riga, only make a trip to the capital if you want to be taken for a rough ride.

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This book is my attempt at trying to decode the histerica (crazy) girls of Argentina, who are known for being the hardest in the world. It includes dozens of tactics, city guides, short stories, and also my favorite reader comments that offer bonus insight on the women.

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In this book, you'll learn about how to meet Brazilian women in Brazil who aren't prostitutes or living in a slum. It includes over ten city guides that focus on nightlife along with cultural analysis, stories, and a breakdown of the yearly Carnival festival in Rio.

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Bang Colombia contains tons of moves, lines, and tips learned after six months of full-time research in the city of Medellin, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Colombian women.

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