My Memoirs

My experiences are now your experiences

A Dead Bat In Paraguay chronicles how I fled to South America with a one-way ticket in the hopes that all my life problems would be solved (after quitting my career as a microbiologist). This is the story of the best and worst period of my life.

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30 Bangs is a memoir that contains thirty short stories of how I seduced women while being fully conscious throughout the romantic process. The goal of this book is to teach you by example.

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This is a brief memoir about my one-month return to America after living in Europe for nearly two years. I was hoping for a warm homecoming but instead was dealt with surprises that made me re-examine my life.

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Poosy Paradise is a memoir of the two months I spent in Romania searching for the best women on the planet, trying to transform a rough city into my female dreamland. I also attempted to investigate if a Western man's "paradise" can even exist.

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