Don’t Bang Latvia

This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.

An "Anti" Strategy Guide That Spoon-Feeds You Advice On Meeting Beautiful Latvian Women In Latvia

FROM: Roosh

Don't Bang Latvia is a hater travel guide that reluctantly teaches you how to date Latvian women while in Latvia. It offers a cultural dissection of Latvia and their scamming women.

Here is what you'll find inside...

  • Cultural and historical background on the country
  • Why the capital city of Riga is not the best place to meet your first Latvian, and where you should go instead
  • How to visit Latvia without spending a lot of money
  • Description of a Latvian's girl body and appearance
  • How Latvia fares on the Busted Dudes test, which aims to determine if girls are dating up or down compared to their attractiveness.
  • My unfortunate personality portrait of Latvian girls

The book teaches you how to meet Latvian girls during the day, night, and via the internet

You'll learn...

  • The four types of Latvian girls, including the one who is most sexual
  • All the ways that a Latvian girl will try to scam or trick you
  • How many approaches you'll likely have to do in order to achieve intimacy with a Latvian girl
  • Three internet sites where you can pipeline Latvian girls before your arrival
  • A venue picking strategy that helps you avoid scammer girls and cockblockers
  • Two types of optimal game in Latvia, one to use on scammer chicks and the other to use on normal chicks
  • Common problems you'll face and ways to overcome them

I wrap the book up with bonus information and stories. You'll read...

  • Two short stories that offer additional insight and information into Latvian culture
  • How the Latvian establishment taught local women that foreign guys are "sexual terrorists"
  • Detailed city guide on Riga, where I describe the best day and night spots for meeting women

The 63-page book is organized into five chapters...

  • 1. Welcome To Latvia: Country background and logistics
  • 2. Girls: How they look and act
  • 3. Game: How to efficiently meet the local women
  • 4. Stories: Two short stories from my time in Latvia
  • 5. City Guides: Details on the capital

Don't Bang Latvia teaches Western men how to meet Latvian women in Latvia while simultaneously advising them not to visit. The primary goal of this book is to convince you not to go to Latvia, but if you wind up there anyway it will help you achieve romance.

Good luck in Latvia,


This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.