Day Bang

This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.

Intuitive "Social Technology" That Allows You To Say Goodbye To Expensive Clubs And Time-Wasting Dating Apps

FROM: Roosh

I already know your story. You're tired of the clubs and the bars. You're not getting results on dating apps that seem to only reward the top 10% of good-looking men with hot girls while leaving the fatties for everyone else. Your girl pipeline is dry. You're frustrated enough that you're now motivated to learn an entirely new method to meeting girls: day game.

Meeting girls during the day ("day game") wasn't on my radar when I first started approaching women over 15 years ago. It was a foregone conclusion that any man learning game at that time would first start at night in the bars and clubs. That's what most of the "pickup" material available back then was for.

I did the whole going-out-five-nights-a-week thing. I approached a million and one women in bars and clubs. I learned how to talk to them, tease them, and dance. Even if I didn't sleep with the girls I was meeting on the same night, I had a strategy to do so within a couple of dates.

All the skill and knowledge I attained to meet and date women at night went into my first book Bang, which provided a dating strategy that centered around the night. But the nightclub scene changed. Bottle service was becoming popular. Smartphones were invented. Sausage fests became more common. Nightclubs were getting worse.

There were enough downsides to the nightclub scene that I wished there was a better way.

Years of night game made me tired of...

  • Sausage fests
  • Cockblocking
  • Bitchy attitudes
  • Girls glued to their smartphones
  • Big groups of girls who were difficult to approach
  • Loud music that made my ears ring the next day
  • Spending a lot of money on alcohol and cover charges
  • Competing for mediocre women
  • Meeting club addicted girls that I couldn't take seriously for more than a couple dates

If you're gaming in a large American, Canadian, or British city, I'll be willing to bet that at least four of these factors will be present on any night you go out. I'm sure you've had nights when ALL of them were present.

I'm in no way saying you can't get intimacy with pretty women by going out at night, but it's getting harder and you're expected to pay more money and put up with more attitude. It's no longer a healthy way to meet good women, and some would argue that it never was.

Trying to meet girls on the internet can be just as bad. I'm sure you've tried OK Cupid or Tinder. You already know how many girls you have to contact just to get a response, and how easily girls disappear when you say one thing they don't like. Even worse, girls you do manage to get on dates almost always look worse than her pictures. Every man has a story of meeting a "secret internet fatty" who looked thin in her pictures but was a cow in person. What a waste of time!

Millions of men are spending dozens of hours in nightclubs and on dating apps for pathetic results. And they keep on trying (and failing) because they have no idea that there is a far better way. It's the way of day game.

After Tiring Of Night Game, And Not Bothering With Internet Game, I Cracked The Code On A Form Of Game That Most Men Don't Bother To Try

Why was I going to nightclubs every week when there were women everywhere around me? I went to the coffee shop every day. They were there. I went to the supermarket twice a week. They were there. I was walking around in the city. They were everywhere, alone, not drunk on alcohol, and in an calmer environment where the music wasn't loud. But how could I talk to them?

What I first did was simply copy-and-paste my night game for approaching girls during the day. Needless to say, that didn't work. I didn't get good responses to my typical cocky night game and I didn't have meaningful conversations that led to girls showing an interest in me. I only got a handful of numbers that went nowhere.

I concluded that women didn't want to meet men during the day, so I went back into the night trenches, getting cockblocked left and right while dealing with girls wearing flip-flops in the bar who thought they were better looking than they actually were.

The problem with my initial day game experiment wasn't that girls don't want to meet men during the day, it was that I was approaching them with the wrong game. I was using the wrong key for their daytime locks. I didn't realize that I had to start from scratch and develop an entirely different game. In other words, I had to create a brand new key.

Everything Changed When I Started Going To a Coffee Shop Next To a Senior Citizen's Home

Elderly people in the coffee shop I went to constantly approached me in a way that was casual, indirect, and fun. They were bored and wanted someone to talk to, but there was a clear method to their successful technique.

By successfully "gaming" me time and time again with their elderly game, they completely changed how I thought day game should be run.

With my new outlook from these innocent experiences, I came up with a new strategy that I slowly optimized after restarting my day approach efforts. The numbers started coming in, then the dates, and finally, after a ton of experimentation, the intimacy. Looking back at my initial failures with day game when I was more cocky, I laugh at how I thought duplicating my night game would lead to success.

Through brutal trial and error, I learned that the best day game...

  • Is indirect and non-cocky
  • Requires high levels of seemingly "boring" chatter
  • Uses absurdly simple openers
  • Does not involve asking personal questions early on
  • Delays flirting until the end
  • Uses the "yes ladder" to reduce flakiness

After constructing a rudimentary model, I started frequenting the six most accessible day venues to further optimize my material. I developed reliable conversation threads to use in each venue, along with logistical hacks to make the approaches as indirect as possible so it was low-stress for both myself and the girls.

From The Very Beginning, I Constructed My Openers To Be Easy

I'm not the type of guy that wants to pound two cans of Red Bull or snort a couple lines of cocaine just to do one approach. Believe me when I say I have absolutely no willingness to approach a girl and say, "Your style is so amazing" or "You look phenomenal and I just want to get to know you."

If there's one thing I've learned from my readers, it's that they don't want a game so "out there" that they have to psych themselves up to use it. They want something simple but powerful for even when they're not feeling particularly social, because if you have to learn game like I have, chances are you are more introverted than average.

Once I was confident that the model I had developed was the real deal, I put the word out on my blog and started teaching it to guys in Washington DC from all backgrounds (white, black, Indian, Asian, Latino, and Middle Eastern). At first I was a little nervous…

"Will The Game That Works For Me Actually Work For Them?"

The answer is a resounding yes. You can imagine the huge smile on my face when again and again I watched men use my exact words to get numbers from attractive women, and it was no surprise that several of my students made love with girls from approaching during the workshop, when they were just practicing and trying my game for the first time.

Even in the early stages of development, the game I taught was deadly, unlike anything that has been taught before. With every approach my students did, I tweaked my model to work even better for them, the "average" guy. It helped that I got to hear exactly what was happening during their approaches, since I equipped them with hidden microphones.

I watched and heard my students do 677 approaches and took my time to painstakingly analyze each one, refining my method even further. Like a scientist (which I actually was for six years in my twenties), I identified patterns that led to both success and failure in order to ruthlessly hone my day game model. I was unafraid to eliminate any feature that didn't help the majority of my students.

After I got my system as tight as it could get, my goal was to create the best and cheapest day game resource the world has ever seen. At risk of sounding arrogant, I have succeeded.

Day Bang is a 201-page book that teaches you how to meet women during the day in a coffee shop, clothing store, bookstore, grocery store, subway, on the street, or anywhere women can be found

It contains 51 openers, 23 long dialogue examples with commentary, and dozens of additional lines that I teach by example. It's an equal-opportunity game resource that is effective regardless of your age or background.

The only requirement is that you can speak and physically put yourself in front of a girl you want to talk to.

Here is just a small sample of the social technology you'll learn in Day Bang...

  • 10 major differences between day and night game
  • The one and only concept you need to learn for being successful during the day
  • Why being cocky or approaching with a direct opener will lower your success rate
  • The optimal day game mindset that leads to the most amount of success
  • An easy mental trick to prevent your brain from going into a flight-or-fight response when it's time to approach a woman you're attracted to
  • 6 simple beliefs that reframe your thinking so you see approaching as an ordinary, calm behavior
  • A detailed breakdown of how to use the "elderly opener," an easy style of approach that reliably starts conversations with women
  • 2 ways to tell if a girl will be receptive to your approach
  • What to do if the girl you want to approach is surrounded by a lot of people
  • 3 important rules you must follow when it's time to open a girl
  • Why NOT being a smooth talker actually helps you during the day
  • Several pages on exactly how to have a conversation, with tons of tips and examples
  • How to use my bait system to get the girl engaged and interested in you
  • How to segue out of the initial opening topic into a more personal chat where you'll get to know the girl on a deeper level
  • How to take the interesting things you've done (your accomplishments, hobbies, and experiences) and morph them into bait hooks that gets the girl intrigued enough to want to go out with you
  • The one sign a girl will put out that will let you know you can get at least a number
  • How to become a more interesting man that women will be attracted to
  • The proper way to answer a girl's question about what you do for a living
  • How to run day game while you're traveling
  • How to avoid the dreaded "interview vibe" that turns off women
  • My "Galnuc" method to seamlessly get a girl's number
  • The optimal length of a daytime conversation that will have a good shot of leading to a date
  • An easy hack to do at the end of your interactions that will reduce the chance of a flake and prime the girl for going out with you
  • How to do a venue change so that a girl feels like she's known you longer than she actually has
  • How to get same-day dates using a line that forces the girl to give an honest answer on whether she's available or not
  • Ways to open up a conversation with a girl who isn't giving you much to work with
  • The adjustments you'll have to make if the girl you want to talk to is with a friend
  • What to do when the girl is wearing headphones
  • How to open girls in coffee shops when she has a book, laptop, mp3 player, cell phone, research paper, crossword or Sudoku puzzle, or nothing at all
  • Two methods for approaching a girl on the street, depending on if she's moving or not, with a diagram to explain all the approach variations
  • The biggest indicator of whether your street approach will be successful or not
  • How to approach in a retail store or mall environment, with openers to use on customers or sales clerks
  • How to approach in bookstores, with specific tips on how to customize your approaches in the cafe, magazine section, or general book aisles
  • How to meet women in public transportation, on both the bus and subway
  • How to meet women on airplanes or long distance buses
  • How to meet women in grocery stores
  • How to approach girls in secondary venues like a beach, casino, concert, gym, hair salon, handicraft fair, museum, art show, park, public square, or wine festival
  • How to come up with spontaneous openers instead of scripted ones
  • 10 common mistakes guys make that hurt their chances of getting a number
  • Final motivating thoughts that will have you out the door and approaching women as soon as you put the book down

My techniques in Day Bang are so easy and so "common sense" that you'll laugh to yourself at how basic and simple it is to use my system. You don't need to morph yourself into a new man or pump yourself up to try it. You just need a drop of bravery and the motivation to make love with a beautiful girl.

I Put My Day Bang Model Through One Final Test

I completed Day Bang while I was living in Poland, where I arrived in the spring of 2011. In the beginning I had no use for day game because every night of the week the clubs were filled with beautiful (and easy) college students. I was getting fast romance even on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Then summer arrived and all the students left. Clubs were full of guys and local girls who weren't as pretty or easy. This meant it was time to put night game aside and approach during the day. At the same time I was putting the finishing touches on Day Bang, so with the book fresh in my mind, I visited the local mall.

Every teacher has moments of doubt. They ask themselves, "Is what I'm teaching the real deal? Does it really work?" I decided to make my approaches in the mall as close to the letter of the book as possible. I wanted one more assurance to go along with the past successes of both me and my students before I publish the book for real.

One of my very first approaches was on a petite Polish girl who had a cute face with large green eyes. Her hair was black with a slight red tint. I approached her using my famous "pet store" opener (page 124).

She was shy at first, but I followed my own advice and kept going, dropping the same lines I had just proofread a few days earlier. The conversation clicked and she began asking me personal questions. I ran Galnuc (page 71) and got her number in such an identical way to what Day Bang had prescribed that she would've probably felt "tricked" if she knew of its existence.

Getting a number is all nice and good, but in Day Bang I stress how you're in the business of getting dates, not just a pile of useless numbers. I constructed my model with that end in mind, inserting little traps for flakey girls to fall into. You don't want to waste your time on girls who aren't serious about meeting a new man.

I got the Polish girl out on a first date, which ended in a kiss. It took two additional dates to complete the seduction. I'm sure she thought it was all very natural, that a god had placed me in front of her in a random way instead of it being a premeditated act resulting from an optimized game model. But it wasn't random---I made it happen because I had the right game formula and the motivation to work towards my goal.

I now use day game as primary means for me to meet girls. It's an indispensable tool that will help you meet girls anywhere, creating opportunities that weren't available to you before. Thanks to being proficient with day approaching, I'm no longer nervous about getting too old to visit bars or clubs. I'm confident that my girl supply will keep flowing into my forties and beyond, simply from approaching girls right outside my front door.

I'm Not a Game Revolutionary -- All I've Done Is Identify And Perfect The Best Strategies That Many People Were Already Using

There's nothing in Day Bang that is weird or cringeworthy. There's nothing that will get you rejected immediately for saying something stupid. There's nothing in it that's hard to do after a bit of practice. You'll be able to take my game "out of the box" and immediately get mileage out of it.

My ultimate goal with Day Bang is for you to be able to approach any girl in any setting while the sun is still out to at least get her number. It's low in theory and high in actionable strategies that you can immediately implement, with material that has already worked for dozens of guys.

With the addition of my book Bang, which contains a detailed dating strategy to use after getting a girl's number, you'll have all the knowledge you need to meet, date, and seduce women, day or night.

How much do you think it's worth to have to knowledge to approach girls anywhere you see them? What do you think is a "fair price" to be taught a formula that saves you from going inside a nightclub or using a dating app ever again? Considering that a night out in a club is not cheap, and hours can be wasted on dating sites just to get one date, I'd happily spend hundreds of dollars for such a guide.

Luckily for you, Day Bang does not cost hundreds of dollars. For a book that gives you a skillset that less than 0.1% of men in the world have, I'm only charging $13 for the eBook version. That's the price of any book you can find in a book store, but this one will change your life and give you access to girls who up to now were out of your reach. If it doesn't, then simply email me within 60 says and I'll happily give you a refund.

Check out these three real reviews by guys who read Day Bang...

"Day game for actual humans" Jersey R.

I was really excited to finally read Roosh's take on day game. (That's why I hit refresh about 1,000 times while trying to win it in the forum contest a few weeks back.) I was introduced to the concept by reading some of Jeremy Soul's stuff from Love Systems, and I've loved reading Krauser's uber-alpha take on it. It's funny though, as both of them focus on approaching much the same way you do in night game: walk around, see a target you like, and then go open her.

I tried it out for a bit and found decent success, but it seemed so forced, much like the whole Mystery Method of night game. I don't have the best game at night, but mostly my game is predicated on setting up what appears to be random bumps/introductions/questions, etc. As a result, it seems just entirely natural, and I've had many girls say that to me in bed afterwards, that they liked how I didn't try to pick them up - it just naturally happened (which is, of course, not true).

I didn't know what to expect from Roosh on this topic, but I'm already a big fan of his. His approach to game seems the least contrived of anyone out there. And after reading Day Bang, he cements his position as the guru for normal people. It is a method/philosophy that fits me like a glove.

I've always been an outgoing person, so the concept of the elderly ramble was not only hilarious, but something pretty close to what I do on a regular basis. But seeing it codified really hit home. Roosh focuses much more on situational pick ups than the street game so favored by others, and again, it just seems so much more natural. If I had to summarize Day Bang in one sentence, it would be "Day Game for Actual Humans".

I could really go on at length, but the book is worth it even if just for getting to understand the idea of the elderly ramble or to internalize the metaphor of girls as cats during the day (Every day when I'm walking around the city, my head keeps saying "Don't scare the cat."). At its core, he gives simple rules like this to keep in your head until they become unconscious behaviors.

The first half of the book is basics like this, which culminates in "Galnuc". At first, I had no idea what that meant either - but after he explains it, it's like every other one of his concepts. A simple explanation and map for a reality you already knew existed but couldn't describe. Seriously, between the ramble, don't scare the cat and Galnuc - that's like 80% of the battle. And since I can internalize that quickly, I can begin to live in the moment, instead of focusing on mechanics.

I think this is Roosh's best gift. He's explaining simple fundamentals - things that no longer need explaining to him, as he has progressed well past them - however, despite his distance from such a beginner's mindset, he's able to lay out the structure in such clear and relaxed language. There's none of that boot-camp "Approach 1,000 women now, private!" bullshit, just some of the best writing style in all of the game community. It never feels like he's writing a book or talking from on high about how things have to be; you really don't feel his ego coming through the pages like you do with other game writers.

The book concludes with just a ton of information on how to succeed in some particular locations. From simple tips - to full-on diagrams of coffee shops and more. The breakdowns of each place let you begin to see how he thinks, and that is the type of learning that builds you into a more complete man instead of a robot with pickup lines.

Somehow, Day Bang wasn't at all what I was expecting. I had gotten used to the idea of day game being exclusively about street pickups. But after reading it, I feel like day game isn't some big thing I have to conquer, it's just going to become part of my life. Congrats Roosh. Job well done. And again, the writing style was so natural and flowed so well. You have honed a true skill.

"Simply couldn't put it down..." MMA.

Just finished Day Bang. Read it cover to cover in less than two days, simply couldn't put it down. I'm traveling through Europe at the moment, so getting this information couldn't have been more timely.

This book felt more like a manual with Roosh right next to you giving step by step instructions with visually rich details, (and funny as hell too) on basically every aspect of day gaming.

My favorite opener has to be the Pet Shop Opener: (no girl will think a man asking about pets is going to drag her into an alley and rape her) LMAO!!

Personally Roosh's day gaming strategy suit my personalty best so for me this book deserves 5 stars all the way! Also the ending kinda gave me chills, words I need to revisit whenever I feel lazy or question taking approach risks.

"I highly recommend this book..." Michael Byc

Mystery and Neil Strauss unleashed upon the world mnemonic memorizing furry hat wearing automatons. Roosh’s Day Bang will unleash upon the world conversationalists and pursuers of interesting lifestyles.

Day Bang peers beneath the glossy veneer of game. It does not offer false hope or tricks. Roosh maintains complete honesty with his readers. In the first pages he himself informs the reader that his success rate on a good streak would be a 50% close rate. On average you will never reach more than 40%. Sobering.

Brutal honesty is a commodity. In a world of sugar coating salesmen there is nothing in this book covered with powdered sugar. The first lesson: reading this book alone will not get you success. You must understand yourself, your deficiencies, and most importantly you must enter the trenches. There is no such thing as an arm chair Lothario.

The book is well structured and written in a fashion that will allow even the thickest headed can comprehend. Every chapter details pitfalls that one may encounter and preemptively addresses the concerns of the reader. If you have questions chances are they are answered by the end of the book. If not, grab your cock and make mistakes. To live is to fail and learn. Playing it safe is for those that will perish forgotten after enduring a jumbotron sized nagging “female.”

It appears that everyone in today’s world requires someone to hold their hand. People are afraid to try and make mistakes. Roosh has made them all. He showcases the failures and the successes. Most importantly he explains step by step what to do. This book will be a god-send for those who grew up with helicopter parents. My prediction: 90% of you.

The premise of this book is simple. Be a human being. Conversation is not a zero-sum game. It is a way to connect to a person and learn about them. Inquisitiveness.

Roosh highlights how most men interview girls slowly sucking the life of the interaction. He reminds his readers “why should she want to talk to you.” Experiences. Feminists will be flustered when they learn that Day Bang is a guide to learning how to speak to another person and how to get dates. What your parents failed to teach you in decency and reciprocity Day Bang will amend. Send him thank-you letters.

It is amazing how good conversation can lead to a warm body molding to your own contours. In today’s world the greatest concern your average girl has when meeting another guy is “could a creepy guy be hitting on me?” You have to remember a girl’s programming is based to be selective and wait for the best (when she isn’t out on the prowl, then it’s lady luck). Many guys do not know how to do this.

As Roosh expounds, we were not programmed to fearlessly approach females. Our own biological programming hinders men, rendering men nervous which has been correlated to creepy. God’s Joke. This is a crib sheet to showcasing your best qualities.

If it has not been made luxuriantly clear to you, I highly recommend this book. I have become aware of the things I was doing well subconsciously and the things I was doing wrong. Introspection.

More importantly I have been inspired. There is a chapter on how to talk to girls on the subway. As a kid from Queens I was taught that you do not make eye contact on the subway. This mental deficiency has led me to miss out on talking to some stunners. Travesty. Go for gold.

Day Bang: it’s well written, sharp, and edifying. Fathers, the moment you give your son his first razor include this book. Girlfriends, keep this book out of his hands.God Speed.


This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.