The Best Of Roosh: Volume II

Understanding Women

This Remastered Compilation Of My Best Writing Presents The Raw Truth About Women, Dating, Masculinity, and Society

FROM: Roosh

The Best Of Roosh: Volume 2 is a 275-page remastered compilation of my top 78 blog articles published between February 2013 and October 2018, from a total of 631 that were written. They include topics on women, dating, game, sex, masculinity, life, culture, and power. Here is a sample of titles included in the compilation:

Here is a sample of 7 titles included in the compilation:

  • The True Nature Of Women
  • Women Who Don't Have Babies Go Crazy
  • Some Women Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On
  • Dating Doesn't Work
  • 2 Signs A Girl Will Cheat On You
  • How The Game Changes When You Get Older
  • The Death Of Male Authenticity

The articles contained in this compilation help men understand women and their environment through a masculine frame of reference that resists the Western agenda of male emasculation.

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