Bang Iceland

This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.

A Strategy Guide That Spoon-Feeds You Advice On Meeting Beautiful Icelandic Women In Iceland

FROM: Roosh

Bang Iceland is a travel guide that teaches you how to meet Icelandic women while in Iceland without having to go to strip clubs or pay for escorts.

Here is what you'll find inside...

  • Important advice on the time of year to visit so you don't arrive when it's dead
  • Description of the "village-like feel" of Iceland and what this means to you when it comes to meeting women
  • Why you should only visit Reykjavik and not bother with other cities (if all you want to do is experience romance)
  • The type of lodgings and materials you'll need to maximize your chance of getting romance
  • ​How to do Iceland on the cheap (I share how I kept my expenses down to $60 a day while having my own apartment)
  • The low-down on the drinking culture: most common liquors, typical prices, and Icelandic drinking customs

Most of the book is dedicated to the women. You'll read...

  • A description of an Icelandic girl's appearance, body shape and size, personality, and vibe
  • How to deal with an Icelandic girl's skeptical, non-flirtatious, shy, and feminist nature
  • The two qualities that Icelandic girls use to pick a man for instant romance
  • A detailed breakdown of the five types of Icelandic girls, and which is most eager to meet a foreign man
  • How many approaches you'll likely have to do in order to have romance with an Icelandic girl
  • How to set up meetings with girls on Iceland's biggest dating site before you even arrive (I share a message template so all you'll have to do is copy-and-paste)

Icelandic nightlife is perhaps the best in the entire world

I share...

  • A complete breakdown on how to meet girls at night, including the time you should head out the door to run game
  • How the American one-night stand culture is completely different from Iceland's
  • How to run "last call" game, a method that leads to the most amount of intimacy
  • My favorite ice-breaker to use on Icelandic girls
  • The best way to answer their most common questions, such as "What are you doing here?" and "How long are you going to stay?"
  • How to take her out of her typical shy and skeptical shell
  • Why using long, witty, and fun conversation is a poor method to seducing Icelandic women (I teach you tactics that are simpler and more effective)
  • Why you shouldn't try to kiss an Icelandic girl in the bar
  • How to perform the afterparty move, the most valuable tool in your romance toolbox
  • Your hail mary move if you have no prospects and all the bars are closed, a tactic that doesn't work in the United States
  • Why Iceland doesn't have a dating culture, and what that means for you

The book has you covered with topics you may not have considered...

  • How to reapproach Icelandic girls that you keep running into
  • Notes on how you'll be perceived based on your race
  • A depressing description of Icelandic guy game that should make you feel better about yours
  • What type of clothing to pack for what turns out is one of the most stylish countries in the world

I wrap the book up with stories and logistical information. You'll read...

  • 6 short stories that offer additional insight and information on Icelandic culture
  • Tourist breakdown of Reykjavik, where I explain my favorite daytime spots and tours
  • List of the 13 best bars and clubs to meet Icelandic women, including the bar that I proclaim as the easiest place to meet women in Reykjavik
  • A rundown of the types of nature and adventure tours you can take while in the country

The 80-page book is organized into five chapters...

  • 1. Welcome To Iceland: Country background and logistics
  • 2. Girls: How they look and act
  • 3. Game: How to efficiently meet the local women
  • 4. Stories: Six short stories from my time in Iceland
  • 5. City Guides: Details on the capital city

Check out this real review by a man who read Bang Iceland...

"Great read" Bruce J.

Just finished the book a few months in advance of my trip to Iceland and though it knocked some of the wind out of my sails as far as how cold the locals seem compared to other Scandinavians, it's a great read and the quality of Reykjavik City Guide section will save you money on other guide books at the very least.

The only Icelandic girl I've met was in LA, and her personality seemed completely opposite of the girls that Roosh ran into, really friendly and extroverted (but still hooked up on the first night), so maybe Icelandic girls are the only ones in the world that actually benefit from a bit of Americanization?

Another problem Roosh seemed to encounter was that by walking into the country blind, he was seen and treated as an outsider, and they're all about social circle. Because of that, anyone planning a trip there would probably have a better time if they did some facebook or couchsurfing (or whatever) work to try to develop a few local friends of either gender and get automatically plugged into a few social circles before you even show up so you can hit the ground running with friendlier girls. "Last Call Game" however, is still a must-try!

Good luck in Iceland,


This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.