American Pilgrim

A New Christian's Journey Across America

What happens when a pickup artist suddenly receives God's grace after teaching a lifestyle of fornication for over a decade to a worldwide audience? American Pilgrim is a 350+ page memoir that shares my first-year journey upon deciding to repent from a life of evil to serve Jesus Christ. I travel across the United States to deliver my testimony in person through a series of lectures while chronicling the temptations that attempt to bring me back to Satan, the spiritual labors that deepen my faith as a new Christian, and the lamentable state of America on the cusp of great upheaval.

Here's an early reader review of American Pilgrim...

"I Would Highly Recommend This Book To Anyone That Is On The Path To Christ."

Immediately, American Pilgrim strikes you as something new from Roosh. It's a travel story, a commentary on the United States, and a coming of age tale that will affirm your beliefs in God.

Detailing his 2019 speaking tour across the United States, Roosh visits 23 major cities, countless small towns and destinations, and just as many churches and monasteries. He speaks about the challenges and temptations he faces, the lessons he learns, and the way you can tell if a city is on the decline by visiting the local "homeless shelters" (I'll not spoil where that is, it made me laugh). The book is thought provoking, made me pause and reflect on my own life, and makes you realize what really matters.

The advice from Roosh's personal experience is invaluable for someone that is on the path to finding God. I have over 100 specific quotes that I wrote down from the pages of this book that hit home with me. Whether that be about keeping your faith alive in a world that trends towards Godlessness, forgoing temptations and hopping off the hedonic treadmill, living a "properly inverted life", where to find true beauty, and just overall focusing on the right things in this life - family, friendship, our own salvation and God.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is on the path to Christ. It will make you laugh, it will make you think. I very much enjoyed it, and thank you, Roosh, for allowing me to review it.

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