30 Bangs

This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.

A Pornographic Memoir That Describes Exactly How I Made Romance With 30 Promiscuous Women

FROM: Roosh

30 Bangs details how I romanced 30 different women while consciously using various game methods and techniques. 

The short stories contained in this brief memoir include the following...

  • The Giraffe. My first Latina girl that eventually sent me packing to South America for more.
  • The Artist. My first rapid romance that taught me what modern women really want.
  • The Train. A group romance that didn't quite make it for everyone involved.

30 Bangs contains straight-forward reports about Western intimacy. 

Check out these two real reviews by guys who read 30 Bangs...

"Really awesome stuff" Thomas B.

Really enjoyed the book, as always. The writing is tight and Roosh's ability to show progression in his game and point out mistakes in hindsight gives it a lot of authenticity. Most of us on the forum have read a lot of Roosh's stuff, but I could see this as a good intro for a first-time reader, since his game comes off as relatable and pragmatic in contrast to some of the more self-aggrandizing “PUA” dogma that newbies would find viscerally offensive to blue-pill ideas of reality.

After buying and reading both “Bang” and “Day Bang,” I often wondered about the situations that led to developing the standard tactics, so it was cool to see the origins of a few of the best moves. The book also shows a lot of intermediate/advanced game concepts in action if you read between the lines (social proof in “The Resistance”, The “slow close vs. rabid wolf” necessity of pushing for the bang quickly, different ways of diffusing last minute resistance etc.), so I think there’s something that players at every level can take away from it.

I definitely laughed out loud a few times (especially at the “I told her that brand sucked” line in “The Vegas Slut”), so it scored highly on the entertainment scale for me as well. The number of bangs described was enough to illustrate certain recurring patterns in interactions with women, but it was varied enough not to be needlessly repetitive. Overall, really awesome stuff. Buy it.

"Great techniques on display" Samuel J.

I've read the majority of Roosh's work, and 30 Bangs is probably my favorite book of his. Each chapter is a different bang, and the reading is quick and easy. In fact, on my second reading session I kept thinking to myself, "Ok, I'll just read one more..." before I knew it I had finished the book.

There's some great techniques on display here over a variety of approaches, that include both day and night game, as well as domestic (US) and international game. Every approach is very practical too, I could easily put myself in Roosh's shoes and see myself doing what he did to get each bang. Roosh's chronicled approaches also dispel a lot of the commonly believed PUA crap floating around. Such as a need to perform 'wizardy' IE - entertaining a big group, using a lot of 'negs' and the asinine three second rule. Instead Roosh shows how a lot of techniques, that are taught in his other books, are properly implemented in the field.

I only have two small gripes: One there was nothing from Europe, although I can understand that as Roosh is presently still releasing material on Europe; Second, the book wasn't longer. I was left wanting more, more stories, and more details on a few of the stories. I'm probably just being greedy.

The best part of all though, is 30 Bangs got me to reflect on a lot of the bangs I've had, both before and after discovering game. As well as, some of the bangs that got away, and what I might have done differently to get them.


This book is out of print. It is no longer available for sale.